Zaycon Fresh – Save Big on Hormone, Antibiotic Free Meat

How would you like to get 100% Natural Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts  with no added hormones, additives or artificial ingredients for less than you would pay at Sam’s Club or Aldi for “regular” children breast.

That’s exactly what you can get with Zaycon Fresh.

Here’s some more information about Zaycon Fresh

To get this great price you have to be willing to stock up and drive a little.  That’s because you have to buy 40 pounds of chicken and pick it up yourself.  Often pick-up locations are churches.  The closest to me is 6 miles away, so not so bad.

You also need to be willing to wait just a bit for your chicken.  Since dates are typically a month or so out for pick-up

But let me tell you, it is so worth it for the savings.

**Hint** You’ll want to pick a date and time when you will have time to separate all that chicken nto serving sizes before placing it in the freezer since it all comes together in one big box**

Unpacking My Zaycon Chicken Box

Get your supplies ready.  You will definitely need some ziploc bags, a good knife and cutting board and I also had a bowl ready to hold by bags in so they would stay open.



Here’s what you’ll see once you open the blue package.


The breast come attached so I split them in two.  I actually used kitchen scissors for this.  Then I  cut off the fatty parts that I know my kiddos don’t like and split the in half again.  For my family I put about three whole breasts in each freezer bag since this is the amount I would use per meal.


Here’s my chicken in serving bags right before I placed them in my freezer.  I have 9 meals worth out of my 40 pound box.



Not only does Zaycon sell Natural Chicken, but also grass fed, chemical free beef and other “natural” meats.

Definitely a win-win, Natural Chicken for a Stock-up price.  Check out Zaycon Fresh now.



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