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We have been blessed this year and have had very few trips to the doctors.   I really do credit essential oils and older kids growing immunities with this.  However, about a month ago I noticed a suspicious mole on my daughter’s shoulder.   Even though we don’t have a history of skin cancer in the family it concerned me so much (literally felt sick to my stomach)  I called the pediatric dermatologist right away.

Even though my daughter was not a new patient to this doctor (for a different skin issue), we still couldn’t get an appointment for a month.  For some reason those dermatologist’s schedules always are booked up for months.  I made the appointment that was a month away, but since I was really worried I called the family pediatrician.   They scheduled an appointment for the next day and said if they thought it was a true concern they could help me get an earlier appointment at the dermatologist.  $25 out the door for the medical copay.

My stress and worry was somewhat relieved in that the pediatrician said it wasn’t an emergency, but was something a dermatologist should have a look at – if nothing else then to monitor them.  She suggested I keep the appointment.  That meant a specialist copay (which is almost double the regular doctor’s copay.)

As I’ve mentioned before we tend to splurge on things we value with one of those being health.  So I didn’t even consider once cancelling this second mole visit – even though it would not be super cheap at $40.  How I look at it, I save more than this in a week using coupons at the grocery store.  So for my peace of mind and my daughter’s health it would definitely be worth the splurge.

Not an Emergency, But Glad We Went

So the day of the dermatologist visit arrived.  Of course this momma got worried, but I was informed that her mole was totally normal.  They did measure the mole and several others that she has, but said they didn’t even warrant yearly checks.  Of course, if we notice change we are to get checked out, but other than that everything is A-OK.

Some could say this trip was worthless.  I had paid $65 between the two visits to have a normal mole checked out.  I definitely don’t think it’s worthless though.  If something had been wrong and I hadn’t gone due to money, I would have felt guilty for being cheap.  Now because I didn’t worry about the money (thanks to being frugal minded on other things), I have definite peace of mind that all is well – at least in the area of moles.  That alone is worth every dollar I spent.

I did learn one interesting bit of trivia too –   Every single female has the exact same number of little tiny hairs on them covering their skin.  I guess this is what made the center of my daughter’s mole a bit darker.

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  1. so glad everything is ok with your daughter! I agree…the price of the co-pay was definitely worth the peace of mind.
    I also want to thank you for all your help and tips…I really appreciate and enjoy your web site.

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