Worth the Splurge | A New Pressure Cooker


I have a new toy in my kitchen.  It’s something I have been debating getting for several years now, and let me tell you I’m glad I finally took the splurge.  It’s a electric pressure cooker,and I have been having so much fun trying out new recipes in it.

Two things got me to finally take the splurge on this great kitchen appliance.  First I recently had a birthday and my parents gave me some money to spend on myself.  Even with that, I didn’t rush right out and pick up a new pressure cooker, after all I had some other items on my wish list – like a new pair of boots.  Then I saw this pressure cooker as a Today’s Special Value on QVC.

I actually sat and watched the presentation – not once but twice, before buying the machine.  There were a couple things that finally sold me.

  1. The time I could Save with a pressure cooker.  The claim is it cooks in 1/3 the time of stove cooking and it’s definitely faster then a slow cooker, but with the same ease.   This is perfect for me on nights when homework overtakes us and it’s close to dinner time before I know it.
  2. It can be used as a Crockpot.  I love my crock pot, but I do have limited counter and kitchen cupboard space.  So having both appliances out or stored in the kitchen is not an option.  This feature allows me to store the crockpot in the basement, but still be able to cook Crockpot meals when I want or if I’m short on time – Pressure Cook.
  3. Can Brown in the Pressure Cooker – This saves getting a separate pot dirty.  My daughter who washes the dishes will definitely appreciate this feature.
  4. Flavor and Nutrient Retention – With the food cooking under pressure the flavor is infused through out and since it’s an enclosed space, all the nutrients don’t leech out.

I have tried 4 different meals since receiving  my new pressure cooker.  A couple of them have been from cookbooks I picked up the library the day before my pressure cooker came in the mail.  The other two were recipes I have either made in the crockpot or on the stove that I worked to adapt to the pressure cooker.

I will admit it’s been a bit of a learning process, but all my trials have ended up tasting good.  I am going to wait to share the recipes though until I perfect them.  That way I can tell you exactly how long it will take – since I have made a couple goofs that extended the cooking time.  I guess really does pay to read ALL instructions before starting.

A Splurge, But Still Frugal

Although it was a splurge to buy the new kitchen appliance, I think it will end up saving me in the long run.  Once of the things I am going to be trying in the near future is cooking beans.  I use a lot of beans in my meatless meals, and while buying cans is pretty frugal, using dry beans that you cook yourself is even cheaper.

I have bags of beans in my basement pantry, but after cooking them once, I haven’t had 2 hour to sit watching the stove.  With a pressure cooker, the beans can be done in around 30 minutes after the cooker reaches pressure.  I think those beans might finally get used.

The other big money saver will be avoiding calling my husband to get carry-out  on those nights  when helping the kids with homework has just sucked up so much of my time that it’s 6:15 and I don’t have any thing ready.  With the pressure cooker, I could just throw in some items and have a meal ready in 10 to 15 minutes.  That will be a definite money saver.

So, do you have a Pressure Cooker?  If you do and have a Favorite Recipe, I would love to hear it.  Stay tuned, because I plan on sharing some of my favorites soon.

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