A Dozen Uses for Leftover Coffee Grounds


Do you love your coffee, but hate throwing away all those Coffee Grounds?  Here’s a dozen ideas for you.

  1. Disguise Cellulite — I don’t know if it actually gets rid of it, but it will reduce it’s appearance. Mix an egg white with the day’s used coffee grounds warmed up in the microwave and spread on problem areas. Wrap up tightly in saran wrap. Run a rolling pin over and area a few times and let it sit for half an hour.
  2. Skin Exfoliate — No need to buy expensive exfoliates, use your coffee grounds. Simply add mineral oil or vitamin E oil to coffee grounds and apply to skin with a loofah.
  3. Add shine to your hair — When washing your hair, rub coffee grounds through wet hair and rinse. It will also soften your hair. For brown hair, coffee grounds will add highlights
  4. Ant repellent — Sprinkle dried coffee grounds outside doors and cracks, and the ants won’t come in. Not only is this free, but it’s also much safer then ant poisons.
  5. Coffee Ground Dough — Use your coffee grounds to makes something the kids can play with. Not only can they shape it, but it will be good for their senses by providing an interesting texture. You need 2 cups used coffee grounds, 1 1/2 cup cornmeal, and 1/2 cup salt. Then add enough water to moisten and knead together. It isn’t good for finished products though.
  6. Scratch remover — Have your kids scratched your wood furniture? Try rubbing a cotton swab with wet coffee grounds on them.
  7. Keep worms alive — If you are a fisherman, you’ll like this tip. Before you put worms in the bait box, place a cup of used coffee grounds into the soil in your bait box. Worms like coffee almost as much as we do, and the nutrients in the coffee grounds will help them live longer.
  8. Cat repellent — Are you tired of cats using your garden for a litter box? Then take your old orange peels and used coffee grounds and put them around your plants. Not only will the cats not go in there, but it will also be a great fertilizer.
  9. Smell remover — If you have been cutting up pungent foods such as onions, rub coffee coffee grounds on hands to get rid of the smells.
  10. Pin cushion filler — If you are making a pin cushion, use dried coffee grounds for the filler. They will keep your pins rust-free.
  11. Freezer deodorizer — Place a bowl with used coffee grounds in the freezer overnight to remove unwanted odors. If you want a sweeter smell, add a few drops of vanilla to the coffee grounds. This will also work in your refrigerator.
  12. Dust reducer — Do you dread cleaning the fireplace because of all the dust? Next time you have to do the job, sprinkle wet coffee grounds over the ashes. They’ll be easier to remove, and the ash and dust won’t pollute the atmosphere of the room.

Now you won’t feel like you are being wasteful when you clean out that coffee pot.

Stay tuned for tomorrow.  It’s National Coffee Deals and there will be some great deals available.


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