Teriyaki London Broil | A Crockpot Tuesday Recipe

Teriyaki London Broil-with-Ingredients


If you are looking for a recipe that fits these criteria:


  1. Uses Frugal London Broil Steak
  2. Has Only 5 Ingredients that you already have in your pantry
  3. Does NOT require Grilling and Marinade
  4. Can Be Prepped in only Minutes


You are in the RIGHT SPOT!

This recipe for Teriyaki London Broil fits all the requirements.   Not only that, but it’s delicious and definitely not your normal pot roast.

Why Cook London Broil in the Crockpot

London Broil is a tougher cut of beef and most recipes you’ll find suggest soaking it in a marinade.  However,  I have found many times the same ingredients used for marinades make for a great Crock pot Recipe.  Not only that, but cooking a tougher cut of beef  in the crock pot allows it to become so tender it just breaks apart.

What You’ll Need

As I mentioned above, the ingredients for Teriyaki London Broil are ones you most likely have on hand.  In addition to the beef, you just need

  • Teriyaki Sauce
  • Canned Pineapple
  • Garlic
  • Ginger Powder

Definitely not ingredients that are going to break the bank, but when combined come up with a super tasty supper.

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