Get Free Baby Products| Natural Diapers & Wipes

Looking for a healthier alternative to disposable diapers.  Right now you can get a free trial of Natural Diapers & Baby Products from Everyday Happy. These products are naturally sourced and eco-friendly items.  In addition they are Guaranteed toxin- and … [Read more...]

My Money Saving Laundry Tip

One of the ways I have saved money at home is by using microfiber clothes in place of paper towels for many chores.   This hasn’t been easy because my kids and husband have become dependent on paper towels.  I was finding  that if I had a roll of paper towel on the holder in the … [Read more...]

My Young Living Essential Oils Story

`  If you have been following the blog during the last year you know I’ve been making a conscientious effort to`  to make our household healthier and more natural.`  That includes cooking more raw foods, cleaning with chemical-free cleaners and even healthcare.`  One area that … [Read more...]

10 Natural Household Cleaners Round-Up

  I've really been cutting back on the chemicals I use cleaning the house. ` White Vinegar has become one of my favorite products. ` It's pretty much all I use to clean my kitchen counters these days. `  ` There are many other great Natural Household Cleaners. ` Here's a … [Read more...]

Coconut Oil vs. Antibiotic Diaper Rash | Our 10 Day Test

    Having a sick baby is hard right? Well, adding a diaper rash on top of it due to an antibiotic is just like a slap on the face.  Fortunately, I have a great tip that will help. I know because it worked wonders in our house, and made both mama and baby … [Read more...]