Repurpose Your Stockpile | 10 Uses for Miracle Whip

I’m not crazy about condiments on my food, but it turns out there are some great ways to repurpose these items.  Previously I shared 9 ideas for Mustard.  Today, I have 10 uses for Miracle Whip. I love being able to repurpose items like these, because you can often get them at … [Read more...]

Pomegranates in Season | Tips for Picking, Storing, and Serving

It’s October and that means peak season for Pomegranate. You’ll find the delicious and nutritious fruit in stores through December.   However, peak season means not only will you get the tastiest pomegranates, but also the best deal on them.  Here are some great tips to help you … [Read more...]

Save Money | Don’t Forget to Price Match Plus a Target Update

I just read that starting October 1st, Target will now be price matching to 29 online stores instead of the 5 they previously price matched.  This could result in a big money saver and essentially allows you to shop at different stores, without driving all around. While  this … [Read more...]

My #1 Money Saving Tip (and it’s not coupons)

Every week I share my coupon money saving trip to Giant Eagle with you.  While I do get a “high” from saving with coupons, it is not my #1 money saving tip, especially with all the new coupon policies and regulations. I’m  sure you have realized that I don’t do all my grocery … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Use Tabasco Pepper Sauce other than Cooking

It's been awhile since I've shared a new Repurpose Your Stockpile Item with you, but that's what I have today.  This time is Tabasco Pepper Sauce which you very often can get a $.50/1 coupon for.  Use the coupon at a store that doubles, and you'll often be able to get a bottle … [Read more...]