20 Minute Meatless Enchilada Skillet Recipe

Do you have some vegetables in your refrigerator that need to be used?  Here’s a quick and tasty Meatless recipe for you. I based this dish on a recipe found in a book I picked up in the library.  The book is  called The High Protein Vegetarian Cookbook (Hearty Dishes that … [Read more...]

Chipotle Tofu Nachos | A Meatless Meal

It’s time for take two for Tofu –in our house.  My hope when I pulled the Tofu out was the recipe would go over as well as the Tofu Stuffed Peppers. To change it up a bit, I went a more  Mexican route with this Tofu Dish.   Like most of my meatless recipes, this was a quick … [Read more...]

Spinach and Ricotta Pan Fried Patties

Today’s meatless meal recipe is an example of not giving up when the recipe doesn’t work quite the way it should.  My original plan was to make Spinach and Ricotta Dumplings.  However, when I tried to cook the dumplings in the simmering water, they fell apart. I’m not sure why … [Read more...]

Black Bean Fajita Bar | A Meatless Recipe

My mom and dad have turned vegetarian within the last year to help with some health issues.  One complaint my mom has with this new diet is the meals take much longer to cook. I told her, that confused me a bit because my meatless meals tend to be some of the quickest I make.  … [Read more...]

Pasta e Fagioli | Meatless Monday Recipe

Not only is today’s recipe a Meatless Monday recipe, but also a stockpile meal and can also be an Aldi meal. That’s because it’s packed full of spices which are one of my favorite items to pick up at Aldi.  The only thing I didn’t pick up at Aldi for this recipe was the Diced … [Read more...]