School Dances – No Need to Break the Bank




As my kids have gotten older, there has been one thing that has gotten me excited, but also really nervous.  That was school dances like homecoming and prom.

I loved the thought of my kiddos going to the dances (because I never went to one myself), but as a frugal minded mom I worried about the cost.  Heck back in my day, girls would spend $500 on a dress for prom and then another hundred to get their hair done.  Ugh!  That was one thing that kept me from going back then and had me concerned.

So this year when my 16 year old told me she was going to go to homecoming, this mom was happy, but also a bit nervous.  That was until my daughter pleasantly surprised me.

Since our timeline for dress shopping was some what limited, I had decided to scope out dresses one day and I figured $75 was my limit.  So I texted my daughter some of the dresses I found at Dillards I thought she might like  Check out her reply at the bottom.




Talk about being a bit shocked and also a proud mom.  She has learned the value of money.  So when it came time to go shopping for a dress we skipped Dillard’s.  Instead we went to Marshalls.  While we didn’t find any there, we scored at the store next door.  It was Ross Dress for Less.




We found a bunch of formal wear there and prices on the dresses were much much lower then the two dresses I had found at Dillards.  My daughter tried on 5 dresses and ended up picking one that cost only… $16!!!  Not only did the price make mom happy, but she LOVED it!!  This was the first time I had ever been into Ross Dress for Less, but I will definitely be going back.  They have so much more than dresses and the deals are great.

Now it was time for shoes.  Unfortunately, Ross for Less didn’t have any shoes my daughter loved so we moved on to another store.  It was Shoe Carnival.  At this point, I was thinking, well it’s a good thing I saved on the dress because the shoes are going to cost a lot.     I am pleased to say that I was wrong!  We found a super cute pair of black heals for only $14!

So for a total of $30 (the cost of the homecoming ticket) she had her dress and shoes.

Now my thoughts went to hair, was she going to ask to go to the salon?  After all, I recently had a friend tell me she spend over $70 on a salon visit for her daughter’s homecoming dance.  Would I be willing to do that for my daughter or would I make her pay that herself?  Fortunately, that question didn’t need to be answered because she had already scoped out Pinterest and found a hair do she thought she and I could do.  While it didn’t turn out quite the same, we were both pretty pleased with the end result, especially since I am not a mom who does fancy hair dos on her girls regularly.




So that’s how this frugal mom (and daughter) did the Home Coming Dance without breaking the bank!

Hopefully it gives you some tips to help you save too when your child comes home saying they want to go to the dance.

**The dress and shoes she got are in the title picture**

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