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One of my favorite ways to save money is to Repurpose Things, and that’s exactly what I did today while playing with my 2 year old.

This time I repurposed a toy.`  Since I have 5 kids ranging from 2 to 16, we have picked up many different toys through out the years.`  As one kid outgrows them I store them in the basement for the next.` `  However, sometimes the smaller items that go with that toy get lost or become obsolete in the waiting years or something better comes out.

In this case, my older daughters had found two brand new packs of moon sand when they cleaned their room.`  Of course my youngest decided she wanted to play with it.`  At first, I started pulling out items from my kitchen drawers for us to use with it.`  Then I remembered`  a toy down in the basement that had been my 8 or 11 year olds I thought was made for moon sand.

I told my little one to wait and hurried down stairs.`  I grabbed the toy (which amazingly was where I thought it should be) and almost felt totally defeated.`  The box said Moon Dough, not Moon Sand.` ` 

It didn’t defeat me for long though.`  I thought how different can these items really be.`  I think they keep changing them just for marketing purposes.`  First it was Moon Dough, then Moon Sand and this year it’s Kinetic Sand (which I haven’t bought by the way.)

So we tried the Moon Sand in the Moon Dough Toy.`  Guess What??`  It worked perfectly!`  We played with the Moon Dough Farm Toy for about an hour and she loved it.

Lesson Learned and Big Money Saver— You don’t have to buy the newest toys to fit with the newest marketing scheme.`  Many times old items will work great with the new because they will be so similar.` 

Do you have an example of a Toy You Repurposed? (Marketing Related or Not)

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