Save Money on Kids Clothes with This Tip


Do you dread that day your daughter asks to go shop in the Junior’s Section?

Not only does it mean they are growing up too fast, but also the clothing styles are changing.  No more bows and ruffles, now it’s tight and short.  That is, if you allow it.

Well I’ve got a great tip for you that…

might just have you shopping in that Junior Section before your daughter even asks.

Are you scratching you head right now wondering why the heck you would want to do that?

Let me explain…

with the warmer weather, my daughters (ages 12 and 14) needed new blue jeans shorts and due to school requirements they needed to be finger-tip length or in other words Bermuda shorts.  So I went shopping online at Kohl’s.  I figured while I was at it I would pick up a pair for myself too.  I went shopping in three different sections – Women’s, Juniors and Kids for basically the same thing – Basic Bermuda Jean Shorts.  I was shocked by what I found.

  • Women’s Size 8 Bermuda Jean Shorts on sale for $17.99
  • Juniors Size 3 Shorts – Sale Priced $12.99
  • Girl’s Size 14 Shorts – Sale Priced $22.99 (and no these weren’t Levis)

The price spread for basically the same short was $10 just depending on what section I was shopping in.  So with that information and knowing that my 12 year old would occasionally sneak her older sister’s junior size clothes to wear I moved her up to junior size and SAVED $10!.

Turns out that the fact that my 12 year old in kids sizes wearing her sisters clothes isn’t at all off base because many kids sizes have Junior and Women Size Equivalents.

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