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Using sizing charts, I comprised the following Equivalent Size Chart to help you save.


This is just a sampling.  You can Click HERE or on the picture to get the whole chart (including Shirt Sizes) as a printable.

As you can see, if your daughter’s waist size is 26 – 27 and you normally buy a size 12, that’s going to equate to a size 3 in Juniors or Size 4 in Women’s.

So for my situation, instead of paying $22.99 for her size kids shorts.

I SAVED $10 by by moving up to the comparable size in Juniors.  This tip can go the opposite way too.

Had the kids sizes been cheaper, my 14 year old would have gotten the equivalent size Kids Size instead of her normal Junior Size.  After all, bermuda shorts are bermuda shorts.

**Chart Tip** – Of course waist size is not the only thing that makes up sizes.  As girls get older hips and height also come into play, so of course you will want to try them on, but this chart offers a great comparison on the main sizing factor of pants, especially when it comes to bermuda shorts.  

More Ways to Save With this Helpful Tip

Very often Kohls, and other stores will offer coupons for specific departments.  Here are some examples:

  • Save $10 when you buy $30 of Kid’s Clothes
  • Save $10 when you buy  $30 of Juniors Clothes
  • Save $15 when you buy $50 of Women’s Clothes

Having access to this great Shop Equivalent Sizes Conversion Chart will make using these coupons so much easier, especially if you are like me and have daughter’s of different ages.

So don’t miss out on the savings and print out your Equivalent Size Chart NOW and take it with you next time you shop to make the most of the savings.









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