Save Money – Don’t Toss that Potato Water


I have a feeling that there will be a lot of water being used to boil potatoes over the next couple days.  After all, aren’t mashed potatoes a staple for Thanksgiving.

Well, do yourself a favor and don’t toss that Potato Water.  Turns out it has many uses including cooking, clean-up and more.

If you can’t use the potato water right away, place it in a glass jar with a tight lid in the refrigerator and it should stay good for several days to a week.

Now for the uses:

Thicken the Gravy Instead of making a roux of butter and flour, use potato water to thicken your gravies or soups.

Clear the Pipes –  Pouring boiling potato water down a drain helps keep the clogs away.  Great way to clear out those bathroom drains without having to turn to pricey chemicals.

Clean Linoleum Floors – If you have Linoleum floors, no need to pull out soap.  Potato water will work great to clean it.

Shine your Jewelry or Silverware– Get that silver jewelry or silverware super shiny by just pouring potato water over it, rinsing it with warm water and rubbing dry with a soft cloth.

Help Your Hair Grow Faster – Washing and rinsing your hair with potato water will provide it vitamins to help it grow faster and get thicker.

So this Holiday season, don’t just dump that potato water down the sink.  Use it to replace things that aren’t necessarily healthy and could cost quite a bit.

As a bonus, here are two great money saving uses for those Potato Peels.

  • Get your Stainless Steel Sinks spotless by rubbing them with potato peels.
  • Boil the peels in water for half an hour.  Let it cool and then apply brown liquid to any grays you might have in your hair.  Repeat several times for best results.

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