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Do you shop the Giant Eagle Grocery Ads each week?  I know I do and according to a survey done by The Retail Feedback Group I’m not alone.  In fact 50% of all shoppers read printed circulars to find deals for their last visit to the supermarket, while 32% clipped paper coupons via newspapers or other printed sources.

That’s why I share  the Giant Eagle Weekly Ad Coupon Matchups with you each week.  In all honestly it’s a great place to start, BUT…

If you just shop the circulars you are missing out on substantial savings.

That’s because on average 62% of the deals in the store aren’t even advertised.  They just want you to find them while you shop.  While it’s fun to find great deals while shopping there is a good chance you’ll miss out on extra coupon savings. I know it bums me when I see one of these deals and don’t have a coupon with me.

While it’s true that Giant Eagle’s coupon policy says

If you forget to use your coupons at the time of purchase, and coupons have not expired, we will accept them with your Advantage Card up to ten (10) days beyond the date on the receipt.

I rarely pick up the items without a coupon, because I worry that somehow I won’t end up taking the  coupons back in and then I’ll be out the money.  So I cross my fingers and hope the deals will still be there the next time I go shopping.  If the deal is super or a clearance deal, I’ll sometimes even make an extra trip to the store.

Talk about frustrating.  Either I miss the deal or I have to make an extra trip.  Do you get Frustrated too?

If you do, I have something that will help you Giant Eagle Shoppers save even more.


It’s the Master List of Unadvertised Deals with coupons to match and you can get it JUST Click the Button Below


That way you’ll have all the Giant Eagle Unadvertised Deals with coupons to match on one page.

Not only that, but any time there is a new super hot deal, you’ll get it in your email even if I don’t have a chance to get it up on the blog.

So don’t miss out and Save Even More Money at Giant Eagle with the Free Master Unadvertised Deal Lists (with coupons to match) NOW!



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