Save on Clothes By Buying Cereal

Can you believe it?  Buying Cereal can actually save you money on clothes!

It’s no joke and it’s not hard either.

I saved $10 on the clothes below thanks to cereal that I stock up on when it’s a great deal.




$10 wasn’t the only savings I got.  In fact, had I paid regular price for these items my cost at JCPenney would have been $84!!!  Instead I got all four items for a grand total of ….


So you wondering how?

Well, of course everything this frugal minded mom bought was on sale.  The leggings were on sale for $5 each (reg $20) and the tank top and the PJ bottoms were both clearance priced.  So, had I not had any coupons or other savings, my total would have been $23.16.

Then I had a $10 off $10 Coupon I had received in my mailbox and finally my $10 savings from Buying Cereal.



How to Save Money on Clothes Buying Cereal

So now how the cereal helps you save on clothes.  It’s actually not just cereal.  It’s any product from Kellogg’s that will help you save.  That is as long as you have signed up for Kellogg’s Family Rewards.

With Kellogg’s Family Rewards you earn points for every product you buy – with a box of cereal starting at 80 points.   Some products get more points and many times there are bonuses.  To make it even easier,   if you shop at a store with a participating store that has a Loyalty Card (like Giant Eagle), you simply enter that card number on the Kellogg’s Family Rewards site and they automatically add your purchases to your account.  That makes earning points SUPER EASY.

Tip – Even if your store doesn’t have a loyalty card, you can still earn.  You’ll just have to upload your receipts

On top of that, they have an added bonus going on right now.  For every ten items you buy, you earn a 1000 Bonus Points and you can get 10 of these.

So let me give you an example of Earning Kellogg’s Family Rewards Points


Here’s the points I’ll get from my Giant Eagle trip the other day.

7 Raisin Bran at 80 points each = 560 points
2 Mini Wheats at 100 points each = 200 points
4 Club Cracker at 90 points each = 360 points
2 Townhouse Crackersat 90 points each  = 180 points
4 Toasted Crackers at 90 points each = 360 points
2 Kelloggs TO Go  – no points, but should count toward item count

Total points = 1660 plus should get 2000 Bonus Points for buying 21 items  

I wouldn’t be so excited about earning these points, if I wasn’t getting them on items that were great deals.  My total cost for all these items that earned me 3660 points was $26.41 or about the regular price of 6 boxes of cereal.

Now what do you do with those points – or how do you use them to save on clothes?

Turns out that for just 15,000 points (which as you can see doesn’t take long to get), you can get $10 gift cards to stores like JCPenney and others.  Here’s just a sampling.




Another option is a $5 Giftcard to Starbucks for just 7500 points.

So whether you need clothes, electronics, home good or even coffee – Kellogg’s Family Rewards has you covered if you save the points for giftcards.  Don’t Delay and Start Earning today






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