Repurpose Your Stockpile–A Dozen Uses for Lip Balm


Lip Balm is good for so much more then your lips.  Not only can you find this great item in your bathroom, but also in your purse.  So it’s perfect if you are on the go.  Plus it’s one of those products that can be found for under a dollar.

Here’s a dozen ideas for you.

Stop that Bleeding — If the coupons give you a nasty paper cut, just rub on some lib balm to stop the bleeding.  This will also work great for shaving nicks.

Soothe Under Your Nose — Any cold sufferer knows that blowing your nose can get sore.  Rub some lip balm in the area between your nose and lip to sooth the burn and pain.

Unstick a Sipper — Just rub some lip balm on the teeth and then the zipper.  Unzip it a few times to get the lip balm in the crevasses.  Your zipper should soon be unstuck.

Groom your Brows — If your eye brows are a bit wild, rub some lip balm on them to tame the fly-aways.  This also works great for mustaches.

Keep Cheeks and More Windburn Free —On a blustery day, rub some lip balm on your whole face to prevent windburn.  This works great for babies and toddlers as well.  Just don’t go to close to their eyes.

Color Your Cheeks — Need to pep up your face, but don’t have any blush in your purse.  Grab some lip gloss and dab it on your cheeks for a dewy look.

Protect Your Face from Hair Color — Anyone who has colored their hair at home knows it’s very easy to get some color on your ears and forehead.  That’s not where it’s supposed to be.  Before you start coloring, apply some balm to the hairline first to avoid that problem.

Revive your Shoes — Out of shoe polish?  Rub just a bit of lip balm over the leather and then buff with a dry cloth.  Your shoes will be all shiny.

Remove Chewing Gum and other Sticky Culprits— This won’t work on carpet or clothes, but if you have a hard surface like the inside of a  dryer or a table that has gum or another adhesive stuck on it, lip balm can be of great help.  First, scrape off as much of the sticky offender as possible.  Then apply a bit of lip balm around it.  Next, using a paper towel remove the sticky item and balm at once.  Depending on the culprit, you might have to repeat several times.

Take off that Stuck Ring — Just coat your finger with lip balm to help your ring slide free.

Slide in those screws — Before starting your wood working projects, rub a dab or two of lip balm on your screws and nails.  This will make them a bit more fluid.

Prevent car battery corrosion — This is the only suggestion that is brand specific, but had to share it because it could save you a lot of money in the long run.  Just smear ChapStick on clean car battery terminals to prevent car battery corrosion.

The great thing about lip balm is it’s a small item that will fit in your purse.  Who knew that something so small could be so useful.

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