Repurpose your Stockpile–A Dozen Uses for Dental Floss



Find a deal on dental floss?  You should definitely consider picking up at least one, if not more.  That’s because  there are a dozen ways to repurpose that Dental Floss.   Here they are.

Pull Out a Tooth — my husband uses this trick quite often on the kids.  He finds it provides good leverage for pulling at it.  We even tried tying it to the door once and slamming it.

Cutting Soft Food — Unflavored Waxed toothpaste is great for slicing soft things.  Some examples include soft cheese and cakes that you need to cut horizontally in half.

Help Get a Ring off a Finger — Just wrap the floss around your finger from the tip down to the ring.  This should reduce the size of your finger, without cutting off the circulation, allowing the ring to slip off.

Shape Ivy on the Trellis — use the dental floss to secure the ivy to the trellis in the shape you want it.

Silence a Dripping Faucet — this is a short term fix since you don’t want to continue loosing water.  However, to keep from feeling like you are enduring the Chinese water torture until you can get it fixed, tie a piece of floss around the opening and let it hang into the sink  The drips will slide down the floss without the dripping noise.

Replace a fishing line — Throw some dental floss into your bait box.  If your fishing line breaks, dental floss makes a good replacement.

Rescue Photos — If you have pictures in the old magnetic photo books and want to move them to a safer option, dental floss can help you remove them.  Just slide the floss between the photo and the page.  It also works if two pictures have gotten stuck together.

Hang Things — since dental floss is made of a durable and strong material, you can use it to hang picture frames, wind chimes, sun catchers and much more.

Clean Cracks of Furniture  – floss the furniture like you would your teeth to clean those hard to reach areas and clear out the dirt.

Repair Shoes  – replace worn stitches on your shoes by stitching through the shoes with dental floss.  It will also work as a temporary shoe lace.

Fill Gaps in the Wall — Wind the dental floss and roll it in glue.  Push it into your gap and cover it with paint.

Tie Down Your Trunk — Keep some dental floss in your car glove box and if you need to transport something in your trunk that makes it so it won’t close, you can use the dental floss to hold it down.  According the This Old House magazine, ten loops will hold it.

For more ideas on using up your stockpiled Toiletries, check out the Repurposing Your Stockpile series here.  You can find ideas for toothpaste, shampoo, body wash and more.

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