Repurpose Your Stockpile–6 uses for Deodorant



Today in the Repurpose your Stockpile series, I have ideas for all that deodorant you have in your pile.  The picture above is from my actual stockpile.


  1. Stop Blisters with Antiperspirants — Rub a stick antiperspirant on the sides and bottom of clean, dry feet to lubricate problem spots
  2. Take the Itch out of Bug Bites — I have found Dry Idea Roll-on works great for this. Just roll the deodorant over the bite and the itch will reduce.
  3. Freshen your closet — Do you have a deodorant that you love the smell of? Take the lid of and place it in your closet. In China, they are using deodorant to freshen up the smell of their landfills.
  4. Calm Clammy Hands — Do you get clammy, sweaty hands when you get nervous? Well if you’re in that situation and know you’ll be shaking hands you may want to coat your hands with a clear antiperspirant. It will keep your hands nice and dry and not expose your nerves.
  5. Dry a pimple — Yet another way to save money on expensive skin care cream. If you have a pimple and want it to dry out fast, rub a new bar of deodorant on it. It will also work on fever blisters.
  6. Stop Stinky Feet — Someone in your house have a problem with stinky feet? Have them use deodorant on their feet and it will stop the odor and the sweat. Their shoes and everyone in the household will appreciate it.

So those are my 6 other uses for all that deodorant. Have you found any other uses. I would love to hear them. You can leave them in the comments or on The Coupon “High” Facebook page.

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