Repurpose Your Stockpile | 10 Uses for Miracle Whip


I’m not crazy about condiments on my food, but it turns out there are some great ways to repurpose these items.  Previously I shared 9 ideas for Mustard.  Today, I have 10 uses for Miracle Whip.

I love being able to repurpose items like these, because you can often get them at a great deal, or maybe even free.  These ideas can save money too in that they might save you from buying a specialized item.

With that, here are my 10 uses for Miracle Whip:


Dead Skin Remover – There’s pricey gadgets out there to remove the dead skin on your feet, or you can put Miracle Whip to work for you.  You can either apply it directly to your feet and let it sit for 5 minutes before rinsing it off, or add Miracle Whip to a tub of hot weather and soak those feet.

Deep Condition your Hair –  Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment once a week with this cupboard staple.  Just apply 1/2 cup of miracle whip to your hair.  Let it sit for thirty minutes and rinse a few times before shampooing.

Relieve an Itch – Have a mosquito bite driving you nuts.  No need to buy Benadryl, Miracle Whip can help save the day.  Just rub a dab of miracle whip on it, and your itching will be gone.

Soothe a Burn – Have a minor burn or sunburn?  Miracle Whip can offer some great relief.  Just rub on the Miracle Whip, and let it set until you feel relief.

Remove Stuck Jewelry – Can’t get that ring off your finger?  Just slather it with Miracle Whip then slide off the ring.


Polish Metals – Have your candle holders, sink fixtures, jewelry or even car bumpers lost their luster?  Miracle Whip can come to the rescue.  Just coat your items with Miracle Whip, let it sit for 20 minutes and wipe off with warm water.

Remover Cigarette Smoke Stains from walls – This tip could take a lot of Miracle Whip if your whole house is coated, but if your desperate, you can give it a chance.  Just cover the walls in Miracle Whip, let it sit for ONE HOUR and wipe away with a soft buffing cloth.  You’ll want to do this when the weather is nice so you can open the windows since the scent of vinegar might over take you.

Clean your Hands – Have you been busy in the yard or working with some grease.  Miracle Whip is a great hand cleaner.  Just rub a dollop of dressing between your hands, let it sit for five minutes and then rinse clean with soap and water.

Take Care of Your Plants – Using a piece of paper towel, rub a thin coat of miracle whip onto your houseplant leaves.  Not only will the leaves be shiny now, but the dressing helps prevent dust from settling on them in the future.

Remove Water Spots from Wood Furniture – Just wipe the Miracle Whip on your furniture, let it sit for an hour.  Remove and polish the furniture.


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