Repurpose Your Lemons for Health & Beauty


I’ve mentioned over on Facebook how illness has struck our house the past couple months.   While I definitely value the doctor’s opinions (and the antibiotics they provide) I still like using natural remedies when possible.  Many times I turn to essential oils, but the little lemon you might have sitting in your kitchen can offer some great help too.

Dozen Ways to Repurpose Lemons for Health & Beauty

Not only are these ideas natural, but they are also very frugal too.

Relieve Respiratory Distress with a Lemon Wrap – If your sick with a respiratory illness, give this a try.  Just dribble the juice from two lemons on to a cotton cloth and wrap it over your chest.  Then top it with a wool scarf to hold it in place.  Let it sit for an hour before removing. Warning:  If you have sensitive skin, this may irritate you so if it burns or is irritating at all, remove it immediately and wash your skin with warm water.

Make your own Cough Syrup – Combine 3 TBSP of Lemon Juice with 1 cup Honey in 1/4 cup of Warm Water.  Take 1 or 2 TBSP every 3 hours.  Remember, children under 2 should not eat honey so don’t give this to them.

Avoid Bad Breath – Gargling regularly with Lemon Water will cut bad breath and dry mouth will go away too.

Relieve a Headache – After removing the white inner skin, place the inside of the lemon peel on your temples for a few minutes.

Fade Age Spots – Not 100% guaranteed, but try placing pure lemon juice on age spots twice a day.

Clear Acne – No need to buy expensive acne medicine.  If you get a pimple, just put some lemon juice on it several times a day.

Remove Warts – This one takes  a couple week’s to get ready, but well worth it, and extremely frugal.  Just cut a lemon into slices and put them into a glass.  Cover it with cider vinegar.  Let it steep for two week, then rub the wart with them.

Ease a Sore Throat – Sore throats are very painful and you can ease the pain simply by sipping on a hot drink flavored with lemon and honey.

Heal a Sunburn – Got too much sun and now enduring the pain, rub the cut surface of a lemon over the sore area.  The vitamin C will encourage healing.

Become Regular – To keep your digestion moving, just drink 1 cup of warm water mixed with 1 teaspoon each lemon juice and honey every morning.  Not only is this less expensive than over the counter laxatives, but will also most likely be gentler.

Discourage Dandruff – Mix one cup warm water with 1/2 cup water and apply to freshly washed water and scalp.  Let it stay on 5 minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Relieve the Stress – Two options for you with this one.  First option – take a hot bath and add one or two sliced up lemons.  Inhale and exhale deeply and slowly.  Option two involves giving yourself a facial.  Place the large bowl on a stable surface and pour in 4 cups boiling water.  Add 1 sliced lemon.  Place a towel over your head and bend over the bowl with your face several inches above the water.  Inhale and exhale slowly and deeply for 5 minutes.  When your done, splash your face with cold water.

Looking for more alternative uses for products you have picked up on sale?  Check out The Repurpose your Stockpile series.  Turns out quite a few items you probably already have in your house can help your health.

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