Repurpose 10 Items in Your Bathroom & Save Money


Do you get frustrated when a problem or chore arises and you realize you don’t have the product needed to do the job?

Well, in many cases you can save yourself a trip to the store and some money by using items that you probably already have in your  bathroom.

Here’s just a couple of the almost hundred ideas of how repurposing the items in your bathroom can save you:


  • Got a squeeky door and no WD-40?  No worries, use Shaving Cream
  • Do your delicates need to be washed, but you don’t have Woolite?  Grab some shampoo.
  • Run out of Toilet Bowl cleaner?  Put the body wash to work


To get many more great ideas, just click below on the item(s) you have currently in your bathroom and see what you can do with them.



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  1. What a plesruae to meet someone who thinks so clearly

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