My Money Saving Laundry Tip


One of the ways I have saved money at home is by using microfiber clothes in place of paper towels for many chores.   This hasn’t been easy because my kids and husband have become dependent on paper towels.  I was finding  that if I had a roll of paper towel on the holder in the kitchen,  it would disappear in less than a day.

So I monitored the situation.  Here’s what I saw that paper towel being used for by various members of the family

  1. Drying hands after washing.
  2. Setting a sheet down to make a sandwich.
  3. Washing the table after dinner.
  4. Wiping up small spills on the table.
  5. Wiping up large spills on the floor.

With 5 kids (including a 3 year old) that last one happens quite frequently and would use a lot of paper towel.

So while I still do have some paper towel in the house, I don’t keep it on the counter anymore and have instructed the family to use a dish towel for number 1, a plate for #2, the wash cloth for three and four and go for the microfiber cloths for number 5.

Cutting the paper towel does save money, but it caused a bit of a dilemma for mom.  You see, I refuse to do a load of towels everyday.   With 7 in the family the washing machine stays plenty busy taking care of just everyday clothes and adding in a load towels everyday just doesn’t happen.

So the wet and dirty towels and microfiber clothes get put  in a bag under the sink until towel day.  I’m sure you know what that leads too – Musty Smelly Towels.  I tried a strong detergent to get rid of the scent.  It didn’t work.  Then I came up with a great idea.

My Secret Laundry Tip for No More Smelly Towels

I put in Tea Tree Oil with the load of towels.  After all, tea tree oil is  antiseptic, germicidal, antifungal, and antibacterial and known to kill mold and mildew.  Not to mention it has no known allergic reactions.  This last one is very important to me since my youngest son has extremely sensitive skin.

I simply put a capful or about 7-10 drops in with the load of towels along with regular scent free laundry soap and run the load as normal.

The towels come out smelling clean and fresh and the musty smell doesn’t even return when they get wet again.

I’m sure you are thinking – essential oils are expensive.  That’s not going to save you any money.  These were my husband’s concerns too.  I explained to him thought that since I’m not counting on the oils for my health, I don’t buy the most expensive brand of tea tree essential oil.  I’ve even used Nature’s Bounty brand that I picked up at the drugstore with coupons and a BOGO for my loads of towels.    The latest bottle of Tea Tree I ordered from Vitacost for $5.

The Math Behind the Savings

1.0 Fl oz bottle of tea tree oil = $5
480-600 drops in 1 oz
480 drops / 10 drops required per load = 48 loads of towels from one bottle

$5 cost of Tea Tree / 48 loads = 10 cents per load

That’s far less than the cost of a single roll of paper towel.  I only buy paper towel when it’s 50 cents per roll or less on sale and with a coupon.  Since I figure a load of towels saves me at least 4 rolls of Paper Towels, I’m saving $1.90 a week by using the tea tree oil (4 rolls x 50 cents – 10 cent cost of TeaTree.)

So it’s a win win.  I save money by cutting the use of paper towels, I’m not overwhelmed by laundry and my towels aren’t stinky — all thanks to tea tree oil in the wash.

You can find more healthy and natural tips here.

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  1. What a great idea. I am definitely going to buy some tea tree oil. Thanks

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