My Dozen Aldi Staple Items


Currently, I visit Aldis every two to three weeks.  However, that will be changing soon since Bottom Dollar is no longer available and a new Aldis is opening closer to the Giant Eagle I shop at.

Nevertheless, there are some items that we love and I make sure to pick up every trip because they are such a good deal.

Here’s My Dozen Aldis Staple Items.


#1) Weekly Produce Sales

Here’s what I got this week:

  • Pears for 79 cents/lb
  • Bananas for 29 cents/lb — so excited to see the great Banana prices so I can make some of these Banana recipes again at a frugal price
  • Strawberries $1.99
  • Carrots $1.19

As I mentioned in the ABCs of Saving at Giant Eagle,  I hardly ever buy Produce at Giant Eagle so Aldis or the Farmers Market in the summer are my produce picks most of the time.


#2) Tortilla Chips & Pretzels  — $1.19 The kids love these for a snack and with 5 kids a bag is gone in a day.  To me and the kids they taste just like name brand chips and pretzels and they are about 1/3 of the cost..


#3) Graham Crackers & Vanilla Wafers — If the kids want something sweet they get these, plus they make for great ingredients in deserts.


#4) Frozen Beef Burger 85% Lean — 3 lbs for $9.99.   Not only do these make a simple meal, but they are also a deal at $3.33/lb.  The frozen chubs of 85% Beef cost $3.99 for a pound so getting them in patties is actually cheaper.


#5) Lactaid Free Milk — $2.79.  Lactaid is $3.79 at Giant Eagle and even with coupons, the best price is around $2.69.  I don’t always have the coupons and I have one daughter that always drinks this, so Aldis price is worth getting every time.


#6) 100% Whole Wheat Bread — $1.19 — Once again this beats Giant Eagles Bread Price of $1.79 and we really don’t notice any difference in taste.


#7) Block Cheese $1.89 — You usually hear that shredded cheese costs more then Block cheese and the only place I actually find this to be true is at Aldis.  The block cheese is $1.89, while shredded is $2.49.  At Giant Eagle during a sale, the block cheese and shredded cheese 8 oz packages are often on sale for $2 each.  So I buy my block cheese at Aldis, but get the Shredded elsewhere, or shred it myself.


#8) Spices — 99 cents Before visiting Aldis I always check my spice cupboard.  That’s because bottles of spices are just 99 cents each.  These spices make for some delicious healthy meals.  Today the spice I picked up was Chili Powder that I use to make Homemade Taco Seasoning.


#9) Tortilla Wraps $0.99 — Not only do these come in handy for Mexican meals, but a favorite weekend lunch is melted cheese on wraps.


#10) Canned Beans — $0.65 for Chickpeas and $.59 for Black Beans  My favorite is Chickpeas, but I also pick up Black beans and my daughter’s favorite baked beans at Aldis each trip.  Both prices of beans beat the $1 that is the sale price at Giant Eagle.  You can also get dry beans there for a deal and soak and cook them yourself.  I do this sometimes, but will say I appreciate the ease of having canned beans.


#11) Vanilla Greek Yogurt 32 oz— $3.89 This is about $1.20 cheaper than what you can pick it up for at Giant Eagle and we use these to make Green Breakfast Smoothies at least twice a week.


#12) Apple Juice — $1.49 Sometime you can get a slightly better deal with coupons at other stores, but most often $1.49 a jar is an awesome price so I stock up while at Aldi.


What about you?  What are your staples you pick up on EVERY trip to Aldi?   

PS.  I followed through on my Cutting Clutter Resolution today during my trip to Aldis today.  Instead of clothes it was outgrown toys today.  I’ll just have to wait until next year to deduct it on my taxes.


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  1. Just stumbled on your blog from Pinterest 🙂 I’ve actually found that the *organic* bottle of apple juice costs LESS than the regular, at least the last two times I’ve shopped there. Looking forward to exploring your blog more!

  2. I love Aldi, they have the best prices on produce. Our egg prices are hit or miss at Aldi. I have seen them as low as $1.

    • Our eggs were down at $1.09 just a couple weeks ago and not they went up to $1.99. Talk about price increase. It’s almost double.

      • Jane Harroll says:

        At $1.99 a dozen eggs are a bargain. Where I live the cost of eggs goes from $3.49 to $4.49. On occasion they are on sale for $2.99. I didn’t check the price of eggs at my last trip to Aldis as I didn’t need them.
        I agree that Aldis is has the best prices on produce.

  3. Simerly Cook says:

    You are on point w/this one! I feel Aldi’s shredded cheese prices are pretty good too.

  4. Eggs were $2.09 at the Plum store today. But, all the leftover Christmas candy and sweets were ridiculously cheap 🙂

  5. I pick up soy milk (but will also try that lactose free one you mentioned)
    Frozen ground turkey 1.79/lb


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