My Ah-Ha Moment with Lavender

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Last night I had a definite ah-ha moment with Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.`  Let me tell you, after this experience I will never again be without it.

I was cooking dinner last night and started smelling something burning.`  After figuring it wasn’t anything on the stove or oven I turned to the dishwasher that was running.`  Sure enough when I opened it up an intense smell came out of it.`  I pulled out the bottom rack and looked at the heating coils.`  Next to one was a small piece of plastic from a toy that was smoking.`  (That’s one danger of having your kids load it.)

In a hurry to get it out, I recklessly went to push it aside with a side of a fork and somehow in the process touched my finger on the heating element.`  I pulled it out as quickly as I could, but already it was charred white.

That’s when a story my Mother-In-Law had told me when she first introduced me to Young Living oils came to mind.`  She told of a scientist who had his arms catch on fire in a lab.`  With no water available, he dunked his arms in the vats of Lavender oil that he had available.`  Amazingly, he had no blisters or pain despite his arms being on fire.

With my finger burning I immediately ran upstairs and grabbed my bottle of Young Living Lavender Essential Oil.`  I liberally doused my finger with the oil and then took a picture of it.`  As you can see, the white is still there at this point, but already the pain had drastically reduced.


Within ten minutes there was no blister that I had definitely expected, the white had disappeared and I was in no pain.`  In fact, my 16 year old thought it was fun to slap that finger to try to get it to hurt, but there was no pain at all and it was barely red.`  I was even able to type out all the Giant Eagle matchups last night using that finger to type.

In the past, I’ve used aloe for burns and the relief has only lasted minutes before having to reapply.`  With the Lavender Oil, all I needed was one application for complete relief.

Here’s a picture of my finger this morning.`  You would have never guessed I was burned by a heating element less then 14 hours before, and best yet there was still no pain.


At the time my mother in law told me that story, I’ll admit I was a skeptic.`  However, after my experience last night I totally believe in the power of Young Living Essential oil and as I mentioned above, I will never be without this wonderful oil again.

Check out here how you can order your own Young Living Lavender Oil or if that seems like too much of a leap for you, I can add it to my order that will be submitted 9/15/14.`  A 15 ml bottle of Lavender costs $23.50 plus shipping.`  This bottle will last you a long time since an application is only a drop and it definitely saved a bunch of pain and suffering.

If you are interested in this second option, send me an email to

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. I’m just a mom sharing our family’s experiences.` You should do what you feel is best for your family.

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