The Kohl’s Policy Updates


Kohl’s Cash Policy Updates

NEWEST UPDATE – 9/18/16 Made a trip to Kohls yesterday and got some Kohl’s cash so I asked what would happen if I forgot to use it by the expiration date.  I was told that as long as it’s still in the system (2 – 3 days past expiration) you can use it.  If it’s not in the system, you are out of luck  She did offer one handy tip.  It involves the Kohl’s App.  

Turns out if you scan in your Kohl’s cash, you can set up a reminder for the Kohl’s Cash use period.  Check out the screen shots below.



Update – 1/18/16 Looks like majority of Kohl’s now offer 7 to 10 day Grace Period.  Of course some managers may over rule this so just beware.

Update- I had received a comment saying that stores will no longer be accepting expired Kohls Cash on 6/1/15.  I confirmed this on 6/6/15 when I received some Kohl’s cash and the cashier made sure to tell me (and the person in front of me) be sure to use this by the expiration date because we no longer can accept expired Kohl’s Cash at all.  Perhaps this will reverse like it did before, but until then, make sure to use your Kohl’s cash before it expires.

Update #2 (January 2015) – Great news.  Stores are once again accepting Expired Kohls Cash.  I did it right before Christmas!

Update – Unfortunately this tip no longer is applicable.  Effective 8/1/14, no Kohl’s Storee will accept expired Kohl’s Cash.  I was told that  having people come in and get $100s of items for Free in one trip was hurting their bottom line too much. **


Now you know how to use that Expired Kohl’s Cash!  Let me show you my 5 other Kohl’s Hacks to SAVE YOU EVEN MORE MONEY!

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Hint, Hint – One will get you past the fact that sales aren’t great during Kohl’s Cash Redemption periods.  So you can go shopping and not worry you won’t be getting the best deal







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  1. I think they should allow the coupon( kohls cash) for 1 year. The purpose of the short term redemption is for them to get their greedy little sales schemes going and get you bsck in the store. Unfortunately it is backfiring for many of their customers. Theway most see this practice is that they inflate the price and then offer kohls cash benefits( which honestly is none if they use an expire date) however, so do all other gimmiks , its’s just how things work in the world of sales! Sooooo, place the Kohls cash on a mirror and I promise you will never miss the benefit again! And OH….. Don’t fall into their credit card trap either… Put your purchase on thecredir card so you get your discount, then turn right around at the same register and make a payment! 0 balance is how they don’t rip ME off! Hope this is helpful?

  2. Valerie says:

    I’m pretty mad at kohl’s. I earned that and I should get to spend it. I’ll be shopping elsewhere.

  3. I had $30 Kohls cash and during the redemption period I was unavoidably detained with unexpected surgery of my husband and was unable to come in! When I came in to redeem I realized they were expired almost a month. I am a faithful customer and resent having to stress over Kohls cash! Give us 90 days! That is fair and reasonable and gives a better opportunity to use the money that we earned during your promotion…. I honestly spend more while the Kohls cash is being offered and I will stop doing that if they do not make the decision to extend the redemption period! I love kohls butvthis expiration time period really bothers me!

    • Did you happen to try to ask them and explain your situation. I was allowed to use a $10 one once when I told them I had had pneumonia and couldn’t get in to use it.

      I agree that it would be great if you had 30 – 60 days grace period. Hope your husband is doing ok now.

  4. I agree with Deanna Says the coupon should be good for a year or 90 days after it expired to hear that as long as it is in the computer that is wrong and it should be the equal amount on the whole sale not one item Very wrong will break my card and buy else where good bye kohls keep your cash back and don’t email me any more

  5. Jennifer Klugg says:

    They should just give us $5 gift cards for every $100 like most other retailers. I get it, Kohls Cash has been around since they opened and they’ve always had expirations, but why put expirations on a coupon and then penalize me for not using it. This is why I buy most of my clothing at the dollar store. It’s other like it’s a job interview here I don’t get a job because I was late to it… Kohl’s cash isn’t real life.

  6. Bert Marambe says:

    I will never shop again at Khol’s since you give this Kohl’s cash, then turn around and it expires. What a scam. I even spent more to get the cash for the next time I was in. I spend a lot of money every week at JCP, Macy’s, and Nordstrom Rack. I also started to do the same at Khol’s, until now. You have just irritated me into not wanting to ever shop there again.

  7. I have (correction “had”) $20 to spend in Kohl’s cash. Logged on to my computer this morning to buy some slippers, since fall is just around the corner. To my surprise, it just expired 2 days ago!! I want to go to the store this morning and try to use it, but I don’t want to get myself all worked up about it, if they fail to honor it. I just know I would. Kohl’s, you really need to treat us (customers) better! I mean really…we get only a week to redeem! You’re working against us, not for us! Aaarrrrggghhh!!!!!!

    • Perhaps you could try calling them before going. The last commenter was told they had a 9 day grace period.

      • Thanks for your reply! I was going to post today that I went to Kohl’s anyway and tried. Much to my surprise, they honored it! Yippee!! It did beep twice when the cashier tried it, but I didn’t say a word. I also find it is much better to go during the day and to go to cashiers who are more mature and friendly. They seem to be more accommodating.

  8. I am a Kohls employee and when it comes to Kohls cash we do not honor them online after they expire however, they can be honored up to 10 days after they expire in store. But it is still at the stores discretion. I can help with other updates as needed. Just let me know

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