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I’m so glad you are here!

Did you just realize that you have Kohl’s Cash in your Wallet that is almost expired or has actually expired?

If you answered yes, you are probably feeling pretty stressed out right thinking you have got to make it to the store to buy something right now or that you should just throw the Kohl’s Cash Away.   Please DON’T do that, but read on.

I’ve been where you are.  I’ve made that mad dash to Kohls to pick up something and didn’t necessarily get the best deal, since it seems that the sales aren’t the best during Kohl’s Cash redemption period.  (Click below, because I have a way to overcome this too.)

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What was even worse was feeling sick to my stomach as I threw away Expired Kohl’s Cash, since in my mind – and I”m sure yours too, it’s just like throwing away money.

But then I Learned a Money Saving Tip…


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  1. I realized that this Christmas season, and I had let me Kohl cash expire from the year before. I tried using it online, but it didn’t work. Maybe I will try in-store next time…

    • If it doesn’t work on line, it does seem that it might be up to the certain stores if they accept them or not. Thanks for letting me know it doesn’t work online.

  2. I’ve tried using expired Kohl’s Cash at my store in Ohio in the past (like a day or two late), and they have not taken it. The cashier looked it over, checked the date and refused to accept it. Maybe it depends more so on your cashier, as opposed to the store itself?

    • I would check with customer service. It may be that not all the Cashiers have been trained as to the store’s policies. As I mentioned, it may be store specific too.

  3. Our local one excepts Kohls cash “as long as it scans” which can be up to who knows long after the expire date. They said it varies but if it scans they take it.

    • Thanks for sharing that great tip.

    • This is exactly what happened today. First I went to Customer Service, the old Asian women was a ‘*itch’, she said ‘it’s expired, nothing we can do about it’. I knew this wasn’t always the case so I went to a ‘manager’ on the floor at the cashier line. He was in his twenties and willing to look at the coupon since it was 6 days passed expiration. His manager was actually cashiering but she said they would take it if the coupon ‘scanned’. They both said, ‘we’ll do this for you this time’. (This is what Customer Service should be…, car salesmen do this all the time, ingratiate you by doing you a favor, so you feel like working with them.) Bottom line, go to the younger managers or cashiers, they are more flexible about the rules, the old ones always rigid regarding expiration dates. I am Asian and I hate going to ‘older’ and ‘Asian’ cashiers and managers at any business.

      • I agree that it should be the second option for how Customer Service should be. I understand why they are accepting all expired Kohl’s cash anymore, but to be so intolerant for under a week is ridiculous. Glad it worked out for you Tina.

  4. I am so disappointed. I went to BBB, to store manager and customer service and they declined my Kohls Cash. Never going back again.

  5. As of August 1, 2014 no Kohl’s store will be allowed to accept expired coupons which includes Kohl’s Cash.

  6. Kathleen says:

    I was told the same as Shealy. AS of August 1 they will no longer be accepting expired Kohl’s cash.

  7. I was at two different Kohl’s over the three weeks and the first one took my expired Kohl’s cash and told me that effective August 1, they would not accept it any more. This past Sunday, I went to Kohl’s again (a different one) and tried to use the Kohl’s cash that I received a couple of weeks earlier (it had just expired) and they would not accept it. She said that effective August 1, they were not accepting anything that was expired.

    • I was officially told this the other day too regarding August 1st. What a bummer. Apparently it was too hard on them when people would come in and get $200 of items for Free.

  8. My store still takes expired kohls cash!

  9. I was just in my Kohl’s store last weekend (11/1/14) and they confirmed that the Kohl’s Cash does not expire. Guess I’ll test it out next trip as I have one that just expired.

  10. Can you include the date on your second update so we know how recent this is? Thanks!

  11. West paterson nj accepts expired 🙂

  12. Thanks!!! Yesterday I tried $30 expired at my store in Cary NC and they accepted them as purchase discount, and the lady at customer services said “make sure you want to keep those items, because unlike kohl’s cash, these are applied as discounts and gone if you return anything. They also told me that starting June they will have a new system and will not accept them any more.

  13. I just called my store in Ohio & they said they will honor my cash which expired yesterday. The employee informed me that they absolutely cannot take any more expired cash ever after June 1 2015, & that comes from corporate headquarters, so hurry up and get in there! (Asking nicely helps too, I’m sure)

  14. I♡Kohl's says:

    I spoke with guest services today, 6/8/15 and employee informed me that Kohl’s is going to be very strict on their new policy they implemented earlier this month. The employee said that the store would be willing grant a 1 day (24 hour) grace period and nothing more. It worked out for me because my kohl’s cash expired last night. When I went to check out I told the cashier what the guest services cashier told me and she waived it in the system! In the future I will try to not be so lax with spending my kohl’s cash. It doesn’t hurt to ask if your store wouldn’t mind accepting it as a one time courtesy, most stores seem to vary when it comes to the corporate enforced policy!

  15. Hi, I used expired kohl’s cash yesterday 6/26/15 and my store told me they would let me “this one time” but as of 6/1/15 they will only give a 10 day grace period. This is in colorado. Interested to see what other stores in the area say. Seems like there is a lot of switching back and forth on this policy. Not a month ago when I used khol’s cash in the same store, the manager insisted they always take expired ones, and nothing was changing.

  16. Can anyone explain to me what happens when you return an item that you bought using Kohls Cash? I just bought an item on July 2 using $20 Kohls Cash. I thought I would be able to return the item and get the $20 back as a merchandise credit, but the guy doing returns said I would lose it because the Kohls Cash was expired.

    On another related topic: On June 28, I had a promo “spend $25 and get 200 bonus points.”. So I spent $100 using merchandise credit. Finally found out today that they don’t give Yes2You Rewards points for purchases made with merchandise credit. If I knew that, I would have saved my merchandise credit and paid with cash! So the reason I wanted to return the item from July 2 is I thought I would also be able to use the $15 coupon from Yes2You Rewards (the cashier told me it took up to a week for the rewards coupon to be sent out, but I could have it credited to the purchase). The price wasn’t that good without the extra $15 off, but now I am stuck with it unless I want to also lose the $20 Kohls Cash…

    • Former emploee says:

      Returns against items purchased with expired Kohls cash will NOT get you back a full refund by method of payment or in a merchandise credit . IE: spent $30 and used $20 in expired cash, your return amount would be reduced to $10.

  17. Lillian Figueroa says:

    I don’t think Kohls should not refuse to take expired kohls cash as it is money you have earned with your purchases not something that was given bad customer service on their part will think twice about shopping there.

    • I can understand your opinion. However, it sort of compares to On Your Next Order deals you receive at Grocery Stores or Points or Extra Care Bucks that you get for buying items at drug stores and those all have expiration dates that are enforced.

  18. Not only do are they not taking expired Kohl’s Cash (which only seem to have a window of 4-5 days) but now they seem to committing out right fraud. We had placed an order on-line for a $1,400.00 rug and a $20.00 shirt. This was late on a Sunday evening, our special “new card discount code” was not going through and their customer service was closed. This was the last day of the get $10 for every $50 spent sale. My husband called first thing the next morning and spoke with a customer service rep. He explained the situation and asked if it was possible for us to still get the Kohl’s cash (amounting to $230) because if not, we were going to get the rug elsewhere (Wayfair had it for $200 less). The Customer Service Rep said they would honor the sale and we would be getting the $230 Kohl’s Cash. So my husband gave them our credit card which was charged for a little over $1,400. A week went by without an email, my husband emailed Kohl’s, at first they said they had no record of the first conversation, then they did research and said they found record of their Rep agreeing to honor the sale, then nothing. We emailed two more times, still nothing. Today I called, the Rep told me that they had decided their was “no reason for them to honor the Kohl’s Cash Reward”. I was baffled. They made a contract with us to honor the reward when they charged our credit card. This is absolute Fraud. So I told her I wanted to cancel the whole order and I was going to let everyone I knew know that this is how Kohl’s chooses to do business. (I shop their a lot!!) I asked to speak to her supervisor, she put me on hold and then said her supervisor didn’t want to talk to me because I mentioned social media so I would have to speak with “the President of the company”. As if he going to speak to me over a $1,400 order and $230 in Kohl’s cash. I left a message on the phone they transferred me to, I have no doubt my message will be ignored, it was probably to some junk voicemail that no one even listens to. I didn’t realize that Customer Service Supervisors could just decide they don’t want to talk to you, I thought that was their job. I’m so livid right now. I can’t believe they would lie, enter into a contract by promising one thing before taking our credit card and then after charging our credit card change the terms of our purchase, and then basically mock me by telling me I need to speak with the president of their company. Kohl’s will no longer be receiving any of my cash.

  19. Yes, it seems Kohl’s has ended all their good discount policies. Not only do I not get coupons in the mail anymore till AFTER high-traffic time periods (like school shopping), they also have drastically shortened their window for using Kohl’s cash to around 5 days. In addition, my Kohl’s cash came with a coupon attached which had an expiration date AFTER the expiration of my Kohl’s cash, which I think is really cheesy. Not going back to Kohl’s, that’s for sure!! Not the place it used to be.

    • I still shop there when there are good codes to stack together, but I defintely don’t worry about reaching $50 for the Kohl’s cash.

      Think I would have questioned them about that coupon on the Kohl’s cash. That is ridiculous.

  20. I heard they are accepting expired kohls cash…it’s either up to 7 or 10 days after expiration.

  21. I went to kohls today and they would not take me one week expired kohls cash i went to customer service they said no then a manager they said no ….now what? Rediculous!!!

  22. I was aware that Kohl’s had stopped accepting expired Kohl’s cash awhile back. Just an update for everyone disappointed by the policy change: I just went to Kohls and was issued Kohl’s cash for a purchase, the cashier informed me when she issued the reward that there is a GRACE PERIOD of 10 days. The computer system will honor Kohl’s cash for 10 days after the issuance date. I do not know if this policy is valid online or at every store, but it’s worth asking when you are issued the Kohl’s cash reward.

  23. Hi, I think your site might be having browser compatibility issues.

    When I look at your blog site in Safari, it looks fine but when opening
    in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up!
    Other then that, terrific blog!

  24. This is true managers will not accept expired kohl’s cash. How disappointing during Christmas!

  25. I noticed my Khol’s cash expired 2 days ago and almost trashed it BUT I called the store near me (westheimer in houston) and they said that I had a 9 day grace period after expiration date. I’m going in today to use it hopefully everything will be fine 🙂 I’ll keep you updated


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