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Learning this great tip was exciting, but at the same time bummed me out.  I had thrown away money when I didn’t need to, but at least now I would NEVER do that again.

At the time, I confirmed it with Customer Service and learned four thing

  • Yes they do Accept Expired Kohl’s Cash
  • Instead of the Kohl’s Cash amount being taken off the entire bill, it will be taken off just one item.  That means at least one of the items you buy must equal the amount of your Kohl’s cash.
  • If you return the item, you will receive the amount minus the Kohl’s cash.
  • She also mentioned that it may not be company wide so you will definitely want to check with your store’s customer service.

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Great news right?

Well unfortunately some people took advantage of Kohl’s generosity and they were forced to change the rules, but don’t worry.

I’ve got the most up to date Kohl’s Cash Policy for you.








You don’t want to miss it.

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  1. I called our local store and customer service stated that they will accept the green Kohls cash a few days after the expiration date in store but it is not accepted online.

  2. As an employee of Kohl’s, please don’t do this. It’s a hassle and people abuse this right religiously.

  3. i just called my local knolls and they said their is a 7 day grace period!!! so excited because i had $60 worth of knolls cash.

  4. Wish they would let us use expired cash.

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