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Who would have thunk it?   Those scented candles are actually very dangerous for your health!!

Does that bum you out?  After all, those candles make the house smell yummy and really get you into the mood of the season.  However, once I found out what was actually coming out of those candles and how it wasn’t good at all, I decided to cut back on those candles, and find a healthy way to scent my house for the season.

Not convinced on those candles.  Here’s some facts

  • If you look closely, you will have black on your walls after burning candles.  This is most likely petro-soot which is like the exhaust of a diesel engine and is as toxic as second hand smoke.
  • Most scented candles are made of paraffin wax which when burned turns to Benzene and Toluene.  Benzene has has been identified as a cancer-causing agent, while breathing tolune affects the central nervous system and can cause headaches and drowsiness.   Scary huh.
  • In addition, scented candles give off potentially dangerous levels of the toxic substance formaldehyde.  This substance  is a possible human carcinogen, as well as being toxic and corrosive. It can also cause nosebleeds, sore throats, coughs and stinging eyes.

So is the scent really worth it?  I had definitely decided NO, but I’ve had a hard time convincing my 15 year old daughter.  She loves the scents of both candles and the air fresheners.  When I told her I was going to throw away the air fresheners and stop using candles she got plain mad.  The mention of the chemicals just went in and out of her ears.  Still this mom hasn’t given up.

I had to find something to replace those scents for her.  Immediately I thought of using my diffuser and essential oils.  There had to be a scent she would enjoy.   I tried some of my favorites – lavender, lemon, orange, and blends like Joy or Stress Away and she said no.  In fact,  Anything floral she revolts against, but I finally found something she LOVES.  It’s a diffuser blend that smells like Apple Pie.  Perfect with it being fall and all.



Apple Pie Diffuser Blend

Not only does my daughter love this recipe, my my 10 year old son came home from school and said, oh mom what are you making?  It smells so good.  I will admit he was a bit disappointed when I told him nothing,  it’s just the diffuser.  But goes to show you, it smelled good, and you get the smell without the hassle of making a pie.  After all, it’s pretty easy to put drops of oil into water and plug in the diffuser.

The great thing about these essential oils are they are all natural so they don’t have any of the nasty dangers of artificial fragrances.  Instead they actually have some positive health benefits when you use them.  Here’s just a sampling of the benefits of each.

Clove Bud  may influence healing, improve memory and create a feeling of protection and courage.  It can also cause a good sleep.
Cinnamon Bark has the properties of antibacterial, antidepressant, antifungal, antioxidant and many more.
Ginger Root’s aromatic influence may help physical energy, love and courage.
Nutmeg helps support the adrenal glands for increased energy and much more.

Compare those benefits to the dangers of scented candles and what do you choose?

Now that I know my daughter prefers the spicy scents, I have come up with more Fall Food Diffuser Blend recipes.  After all, variety is the spice of life, and what is the favorite for one, might not be your cup of tea.


Included in the ebook are Diffuser Blend recipes for the scents of Pies, Cookies, Ciders and more and you can get it FREE.

**Many of the recipes include the essential oils included in the Apple Pie Recipe plus one or two others.  It just so happens that you can get all 4 of those PLUS one other essential oil in the Sweet Spice Set that will save you 10% should you choose!



I don’t just shop from one essential oil company, but three.  However, I do have one that is my Go To for Singles Oils.

5 reasons Rocky Mountain Oils is my Go To Essential Oil company

  1. They have a 90 day Money Back Guarantee, and that’s even if you have used it.  So if your skin doesn’t like it, you can send the bottle back.
  2. They are 100% Pure, Natural and Authentic.
  3. They offer GC/MS for every bottle of oil you order.  Wondering what that means.  GC/MS tests verify purity and quality of the oils we sell, so you can be sure you’re using the highest quality oils available on the market today.
  4. They offer Free Shipping and orders come within a week in most cases.
  5. They are reasonably priced and often offer sales.

So definitely check out Rocky Mountain Oil.  With their 90 Day Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.










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