I’m Back and Why I Have Been Gone a Week



Have you wondered what happened to the blog and why Giant Eagle matchups didn’t get done last week?  Well if you  follow me on Pinterest you might have seen my board for Road Trips with Kids.  This is what took me away for the last week.  We drove from Pittsburgh to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons with other stops on the way.

It was a wonderful trip.  The kids actually enjoyed this trip more than going to Disney World last year.  However, things didn’t work out on the blogging front like I thought they would.  My plan was to blog during some of that driving time, but a couple things kept me from this.

  1. Car Sickness – I used to be able to read in the car, but this trip looking at a computer screen made me sick. I realized this while posting the last Giant Eagle post I did
  2. Limited Internet Connection – If you have ever visited a national park, you may have experienced this.  In Yellowstone wireless connection is very sparse.  Heck you can’t even make a phone call. 
  3. Exhaustion after Hiking – We didn’t stay right in the parks and our hotel did have internet connection, but by the time we got to the hotel we were all plain beat after a full day of hiking and site seeing. 

After 26 hours of driving we got home last night so the blog is back in business and I will have the Giant Eagle matchups up for you later in the day.

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