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One of my favorite treats is a Caramel Ice Coffee from McDonalds.  I’ll admit I stop there for lunch sometimes just so I can pick one up.  So I’m always looking for McDonalds deals.  Here are two great savings opportunities for you.

The first was found in with the Grocery inserts this week in my mailbox.  It was an insert full of McDonalds Coupons.  My favorite has to be Get a Free Happy Meal when you buy Salad or Extra Value Meal.  This is great for me since most times I stop at McDonalds it’s while running errands with my little one.

The other way to save is signing up for emails from McDonalds themselves – Just click the button below to get the deals in your inbox.   That way you won’t miss a single Promotion.  For example, Right now they are offering Free Coffees on Mondays.

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