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Do you have a recipe that calls for brown sugar, but are trying to cut down on sugar?`  That’s exactly what happened to me.`  While we aren’t going completely sugar free, I am trying to limit it when I can.`  We have been enjoying agave nectar, honey and maple syrup as natural sweeteners in baking and I had picked up some Stevia`  at Aldis` for 31 cents per ounce.

The Stevia is what I ended up using to make the brown “sugar” for my recipe.`  That along with molasses which also was purchased at Aldis for $1.99

Here’s how to make your own Brown “Sugar” Stevia.

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Homemade Brown Sugar Stevia
Make your own "Sugar Free" Brown sugar. Very frugal and simple
  • 1 Cup Stevia
  • 3 TBSB Molasses
  1. Pour the Molasses into the stevia and stir with a fork until desired consistency.

You can also use this recipe with straight sugar to come up with Brown Sugar.

Also worth noting, when “packed” like you typically do when you measure brown sugar, it won’t equal a cup.`  That’s because Stevia doesn’t have the same volume as regular sugar, but it does provide the same sweetness.

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  1. If watching carbohydrate intake, you need to know that 3 tablespoons of molasses has 47 grams of carbohydrates. For a brown sugar taste to recipes, try adding one teaspoon molasses or less.

  2. Please read your stevia packages…i bought Aldis Stevia once…read the ingredients and returned it…it is full of fillers. a good pure stevia is 30 times more sweet than sugar…the only brand i have found that has a measure included is the NOW brand Better Stevia…the small bottle is equal to 5lbs of sugar.

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