Giant Eagle has High Prices | Why I Continue Shopping There


The other day I was talking with a group of friends and they all were mentioning how they no longer shop at Giant Eagle because the prices are so high.`  They just kept raving about Aldis and how they only shop there now.

Don’t get me wrong.`  I love Aldis too!` `  However, there are times when the deals are actually better at Giant Eagle.`  You never get freebies at Aldis because they don’t accept coupons.`  However, at Giant Eagle not only can you get items free, but you can actually get items better then free after combining coupons and Bonus Fuel Perks.`  To prove this to my friends, I showed them my last Coupon “High” trip when I got $156 of items for $7.56.

Still they weren’t believers and still claimed there was no reason to shop at Giant Eagle.`  Here are some of the excuses I heard:

  1. This takes too long to do.
  2. I don’t have or would loose the coupons before getting there
  3. The deals aren’t items I will actually use.

Now for why these excuses don’t really hold water for me.

Excuse #1: This takes too long.

To get ready for my last Coupon “High” trip I simply took the Giant Eagle matchups for the week and Chose the items I wanted.`  Then it was simply a matter of clipping the coupons out of the inserts.`  Since I keep my coupons organized in bins by date, this only took at most 15 minutes.

As far as my time at the store, I was in and out within one hour.`  It would have been much shorter, but I had to go to customer service because the correct items were not tagged.`  Even with that, my total time spent was 1 hour and fifteen minutes.

I saved $149 and it took an hour and fifteen minutes.`  That means my hourly rate of savings was $119.`  I definitely say that was time well spent.

Excuse #2: I don’t have the Coupons or Would Loose Them Before getting there.

To save this $119 per hour did not require me to go dumpster diving, order coupons or buy a ton of papers.`  If you were to look through my coupon bins right now, I have at most 6 copies of each insert.`  I usually buy 3 papers on Sunday and 3-4 come in my mailbox weekly.`  That means my expense for coupons is $4.50.

As far as loosing coupons before shopping, I deal with that by placing the coupons I have clipped into an envelope.`  Many times I use the mailing envelopes for bills I receive.`  I separate each store into an envelope.`  If I’m doing different transactions I will paper clip the items together.

Then when I get to checkout, all I need to do is hand them the coupons in the envelope.

Excuse #3: The Deals aren’t Items I Actually Use

I will admit couponing does require you to not necessarily be brand loyal.`  However, if you are shopping at Aldis are you truly being brand loyal?` ` `  In the case of the latest Coupon “High” trip to Giant Eagle the majority of items were toiletries.`  With a family of 7, we will use the shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste and toothbrushes that I got before you know it.`  So it was definitely worth picking up all these items for $7,

There are deals and freebies at Giant Eagle I do pass on.`  A couple weeks ago, there was a great deal on Hamburger Helper and Betty Crocker Potatoes.`  Since I’m trying to use less processed food I passed on this deal, but it still leaves many deals that make for better prices then Aldis.

So let me ask you?`  Is saving $119 an hour worth it to you to make a trip to an additional store? Especially if the other stores you shop at is nearby.`  It certainly is to me and is why I continue to shop at Giant Eagle — even though there prices are higher.

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