Get Free Gift Cards from Grocery Shopping



Grocery shopping is something everyone has to do just like nearly everyone these days has a smart phone.  Combine the two of those with a new app and you can earn FREE Gift Cards.

I don’t know about you, but I love making my cell phone pay for itself as much as I can.


The new app is called Fetch Rewards and just for signing up with my referral code of W4TDA you will get 2,000 points once you have entered your first receipt.  That gets you more than half way to your first free gift card


How Fetch Rewards Works

  1. After you have gone grocery shopping, just scan your grocery receipt from ANY grocery, convenience, drug, or club store into the Fetch Rewards App.
  2. Fetch Rewards will then scan every item on your receipt and to see if it matches any of their  participating brands.   These brands include a full array of categories, including beverages, snacks, beer, cheese, meats, and much more.
  3. Once Fetch Rewards scans receipts you may be asked to Verify the item by scanning the bar code on your phone and then the points will be added automatically to your account.
  4. Also, before shopping, check out their rotating special offers and scan bonuses to earn even more points.  Here’s just some of the bonus offers currently available to me:


  5. Trade in your points for gift cards such as Visa, Macy’s Target, Amazon and more!  It looks like you can get $3 gift cards for as low as 3000 points so the 2000 points you get from using referral code W4TDA will have you well on your way.

What I Like About Fetch Rewards

The number one thing is that unlike some other cashback grocery apps, you don’t have to remember to check the items you want to buy before you go grocery shopping.  You simply scan your receipt and if it’s a participating offer or bonus offer you get rewarded.  That means you won’t miss out if you forget to open the app before you go grocery shopping.

So literally all you have to do is download the app and scan receipts and you will start getting Free Gift Cards for Grocery Shopping.  Don’t forget to jump start your earning and use referral code W4TDA when you sign up with Fetch Rewards.


**Also, share you can get your own referral link and share it with your friends for bonus points**



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