Being Frugal Without Coupons

Big changes coming for this Frugal Minded Mom.  After years of using coupons (heck, I started this blog as  The Coupon “High”,)   and stocking up on pantry item when deals are great, my house has become coupon free.  Yep, you read it right I have cleared out all my coupons.

In shock???  Wonder Why??

Well, we will be moving out of state in the near future and to get the house ready to sell I have to empty out one of my stockpile cupboards (or at least consolidate two into one) and also move the coupon drawers out of my house.  Keeping the huge stockpile and drawers of coupons in the house just doesn’t provide the minimalist look you need to sell a house.

Considering I have shared on the blog how to really lower your food and toiletry bills with coupons for for nearly 8 years (the blog’s birthday is 2/24), putting away the coupons is a definite departure for me.

Now does this mean I won’t be frugal during this transition time.  Definitely not.   Here is how I plan on remaining frugal without coupons…


7 Ways to be Frugal Without Coupons

  1. My weekly grocery bill should actully go down since I’ll be living off my stockpile.  Good news is all these items were bought at a great price, if not FREE.
  2. Secondly, my produce, dairy shops will be done at Aldi which has great prices.
  3. Although Aldi produce is very reasonable, the best way to save is to buy what is in season, since it is often the special for the week.
  4. I can actually repurpose some of the toiletry items to avoid buying expensive items.  For example, toothpaste is perfect to use for cleaning walls.
  5. We will be eating meatless meals quite often since quite a few items in my stockpile are beans.  Even if you have to buy the beans, eating meatless once a week is a great way to save money.
  6. I’ll be making more snack items from scratch since quite a few of the items in my stockpile are baking goods.  Definitely will be making these Breakfast Protein Bites more since I have 2 bags of dates on the top of my pantry.
  7. While I won’t be using coupons, I can still take advantage of Cashback Apps like Mobisave, Ibotta and Checkout 51.  These offer savings and won’t clutter my house at all.


Don’t get me wrong.  I am not giving up coupons totally.

This transition from coupons will be just temporary

since coupons really do help lower that grocery bill.  Once we move, I will start using coupons again and work at building up my stockpile again.  Of course I will have to learn the new store coupon rules – which most likely will be Publix or Winn Dixie (yes we are moving south.)

However, for those of you that aren’t up to coupoing (or feel a need to take a break) you can do it and not totally break the bank with these 7 ways to be frugal without coupons.








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