Frugal Tip for Weight Loss


Frugal-Tip-Weight-LossI’ve always thought that probiotics were just necessary while you were taking an antibiotic, but boy was I wrong.

They are good for so much more and we should be taking them regularly.

I’ve heard that they can help with eczema and it turns taking probiotics can help you control your weight.

In fact in a recent study, women who took probiotics for 12 weeks lost 51% more weigh than those who didn’t.  Not only that, but they continued to loose weight after the study ended.  That’s because “Gut bacteria can have a profound effect on weight and metabolism” states Mary Hyman, MD who is director of Cleveland Clincic’s Center for Functional medicine.

So it definitely seems  we should all be taking that little pill everyday.

Now these aren’t necessarily cheap, but I do have a way for you to save today and maybe even win a Spa Retreat to Red Mountain Resort.

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Now for two savings tips for you

  • Not everyone will get the coupon.  They are looking for people interested in living a healthy lifestyle so answer along those lines.
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