Frugal & Natural Car Air Freshener


Does your car no longer have that New Car Smell?  Maybe it’s worse and not only does it not smell new, but it smells down and out bad.

Considering the average person spends at least an hour in the car a day, this can be a real problem.

Well, I’ve a solution for you and it’s extremely frugal too.

First, let me tell you how it came about.  My vehicle is the typical mom mobile.  It’s a 6 year old minivan that looks very well lived in – because it is.  Eating is allowed in the car when we are running errands and sometimes things get left behind.  Often they end up behind car seats lost to sight.  When that happens it can lead to some nasty smells.

Even if it’s not food related, with 5 kids, including sweaty teens and toddlers in dirty diapers, it seems the smell of the car isn’t often the desired one.

So what’s a mamma to do.   It’s not in the plans to buy a new car (and it actually turns out that new car smell isn’t so good for you anyways.)  I’m also not going to get a car air cleaner at the grocery store, because I’m trying to stay away from artificial fragrances, but honestly I’m tired of a stinky car.  So what should I do?

The solution – A clothes pin and pom poms.

No joke it really works.  Might look a little silly, but who cares if your car no longer smells like a sweaty gym.








(I picked my clothes pins and pom poms at Dollar Tree.  So for just, $2 you could make over 20 Car Air Fresheners – or you could use these items for other crafts, which is actually what I’m doing.  Don’t think I need 20 of them.)

Now this does require a tiny bit of crafting, but trust me (a very non-crafty person) it’s very very easy and in fact can be done in less then a minute.  That’s definitely my kind of craft!

All you need to do is put three drops of glue (I used Aleene’s Tacky Glue) on top of the clothes pin and then put three pom pom puffs on top of the glue.



Once you’re done, go to the car and put the clothes pin on your air vent.  Now, it’s not actually the clothes pin or the pom pom that makes the magic!  It’s something you put on top of it.

That something is Essential Oils!!

Just put a couple drops of the essential oil of your choice on top of the pompoms and turn on the air or vent in your car.  Poof, you’ve got a car that smells good and best yet, it’s Natural & Frugal.

To make it even better, one application will last you about 3 to 5 days.

What Essential Oils to Use on Your Frugal & Natural Air Freshener?

Now of course you could pick your favorite fragrance, but while driving the car (especially if your drive is long) you will want to make sure you’re not picking an essential oil that makes you super relaxed or sleepy.  While I love Lavender and like how calming it is, it’s probably not the best to use in the car since it could make you sleeping.

On the opposite side, you don’t want to use an essential oil that can overpower you and make you restless.  This could cause you become restless and not pay attention.  So one you might want to stay away from for this reason is Eucalyptus.

So what should you use.


  • Lemongrass  – This has got to be one of my favorites to diffuse in the car.  Not only does it offer a clean and refreshed scent, but it is also known to boost confidence and help you concentrate better.  It can even mask strong odors like sweat and vomit.
  • Purify – This is a blend that has a sharp, clean aroma that can help clean and freshen the air.   While it does have a bit of lavender in it, there are enough other essential oils in the blend so that you won’t feel so relaxed you want to go to sleep.
  • Orange – Orange offers a refreshing, and sweet aroma that can inspire a blissful mood and support your immune. system.  Not only that, but it helps you be more aware of the environment around you – perfect for when you are driving.  As an added bonus, orange essential oil can help curb nausea and car sickness.
  • Lemon – Not only does Lemon offer your car a great citrusy smell that covers the nastiness, but Lemon can help lower anxiety and frustration.  Perfect for when you are in a traffic jam.


Now as far as where I get the Essential Oils I use for my Dryer Balls and many other things.  I go to Rocky Mountain Oil.  There are several things I just love about them.

  1. They have a 90 day Money Back Guarantee, and that’s even if you have used it.  So if your skin doesn’t like it, you can send the bottle back.
  2. They are 100% Pure, Natural and Authentic.
  3. They offer GC/MS for every bottle of oil you order.  Wondering what that means.  GC/MS tests verify purity and quality of the oils we sell, so you can be sure you’re using the highest quality oils available on the market today.
  4. They offer Free Shipping and orders come within a week in most cases.
  5. They are reasonably priced and often offer sales.

So definitely check out Rocky Mountain Oil.  With their 90 Day Guarantee, you have nothing to lose.

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