Frugal Deal on Must Have Item for All Families


One of my very first posts on the blog nearly7 years ago was on an item I think all families should have – especially those with kids.  It’s the Exergen Temporal Thermometer.

I first purchased this item over 8 years ago and with 5 kids it’s has gotten a lot of use.  So much that it’s needed to be taped and isn’t working quite right anymore.  So when this Frugal Minded Mom saw a super frugal Deal on it, I picked up a new one.

It came in the mail today and boy am I excited.  This new version has a feature that I wished many a time for my old one to have.  The reading lights up.  Super handy when you are taking a little ones temp at night and don’t want to risk waking them up by turning on a light.

Here’s the deal I scored

Purchase Exergen Temporal Thermometer from Amazon for $28.90
Then Submit for $10 Mother’s Rebate
$10 Friends & Family Rebate
$8.90 after both rebates


Now before you think how can you mail in a UPC with both rebates, it’s not required.  One rebates requests a receipt and the other asks for the UPC code.

The forms say that the deals cannot be combined with any other offer.  To avoid any complications with this I submitted one in my name and the other in my husband’s name.

Finally, if rebates make you nervous, check out these helpful tips.  As you can see in the picture above, I followed tip #4 and have my rebates already to mail.

This makes a great gift too.  I got one for my parents a couple years ago for Christmas and they really enjoy it.

Rebates can be submitted until 12/31/15.

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