Free Disney Custom Maps | Plus How we met Elsa without waiting 3 hours

The Free Disney Custom Maps deal is back. I was so excited to receive my Free Disney Custom Maps before our Summer Vacation to Disney..`  My husband was so impressed by them, he told us all not to ruin them because they would be great framed with pictures.

If you are planning a trip or recently visited, I highly recommend them to make a great memento with.

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In addition to the great Disney Freebie, I want to share some great tips I picked up on our trip.

Update – I heard from a friend who went ` since our visit and Disney wasn’t doing this at the time they went, but it’s worth checking out. ` You might luck out like me.

My 2 year old loves Anna and Elsa from Frozen and I was really bummed because I couldn’t get the Fast Pass+ for that event since they were all out.`  Although I hate waiting in a line longer then 45-50 minutes I had planned on waiting much longer so she could meet the two, especially when I found out they weren’t in Epcot anymore.

Well, I was pleasantly surprised.`  The day we decided to see Elsa and Anna we went first thing in the morning.`  I looked all around the entrance for a stand-by line, but all I could see was the FastPass line.`  I did see a bunch of Disney employees standing around though so I went to ask them what I should do.`  They said we are trying something new.`  Just go over by the Carousel and tell them how many people you have.`  They will then give you a 1/2 hour time block to come back.

I got my time card at 9:20 for 9 people and was told to come back between 11 and 11:30.` `  During that hour and 40 minutes we actually got to go ride other rides instead of wasting time in line.`  I did make sure we got back right at 11 for our scheduled time.`  We then only had to wait 15 minutes and my baby got wonderful memories with Elsa and Anna.

So when you go, if you don’t get a FastPass for this and you have Frozen lovers make sure to visit Elsa and Anna in the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning and hopefully they will be offering time cards for you.`  I would advise not to wait because around 1:30 PM I noticed they were no longer handing out time cards and said Elsa and Anna were totally booked for the day.

This is how the Sing Along at Hollywood Studios works too.`  Get your tickets for that at the Premier Studio.

The other item I want to make sure you are aware of is Parent Swap.`  I mention this because my husband witnessed a couple who was on their last day at the park with their 2 year old and had no idea about this wonderful program.`  Instead one parent constantly missed out on rides.

If you have a little one that can’t ride, instead of bypassing it altogether, when you enter the line, approach the worker.`  Tell them you want to do the parent swap.`  They will give the non-rider a FastPass ticket that allows him plus two others to ride by going through the FastPass line.`  To make it even better, this doesn’t have to be used right away.`  We went on July 18, and the Fast Pass tickets were valid through 7/31.


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