FREE Aldi Price Chart | Should you Use a Coupon or Go To Aldi

Click HERE to Download Aldi's Price Chart

A great place to shop and save money is Aldi, but is it always the best deal?  The answer is not necessarily, especially if you combine a sale with a coupon.  So how do you decide if you should use a coupon or just go to Aldi.

That answer to that is a Free Aldi Price Chart.  It has over 300 items listed.  Not only does it list the price of the item, but also price per ounce so that you can compare apples to apples.

The Aldi Price Chart is based on prices in the Pittsburgh area so there may be a slight discrepancy, but it should be pretty close to your area.  What you won’t find on the list is produce items.  That’s because it fluctuates so much through the year.  Honestly, I simply focus on the sale produce items each week and stock up on those.

The Free Aldi Price Chart is being offered exclusively to email subscribers.  Not only will you get the great Aldi Price Chart Download with over 300 items, but many more money saving tips will be coming to your in-box.

Just click below to Get YOUR OWN Aldi Price Chart to help you decide – should I use a coupon or Just go to Aldi.


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  1. Oh my gosh. You are life saver! I’ve been trying to work out a good Aldi mealplan and this really REALLY helps determine how much I’ll spend. I guess I lucked out since I’m also in the Pittsburgh area!

  2. Jennifer Daniels says:

    I signed up on the link here, but didn’t receive an email 🙁

  3. Can you email it to me also? I did not receive the email from the site.

  4. I cant get the email. When I push the box for it nothing happens.

  5. The email doesn’t seem to be working?

    • Alicia,

      I have been having some technical difficulties with this so had to switch it out today. Did no form come up or did you not receive the price chart in your email? If the link didn’t work for you, try this one If you still haven’t received the email with the list please let me know that too. I show it was sent to you, so if you don’t get it I will have to look into that more and get the list sent to you.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  6. I was unable to get the link to submit and now I think I may have ended up submitting it a few times instead of just one. But I still haven’t gotten the email with the list. Could you send it to me? I am really thankful you put together this list as we just got an Aldi locally (in East Texas) and it has become my new favorite store.

  7. Melissa Mitchell says:

    Where is my price list? I didn’t get it in my email…

  8. Could you please email me the price list when you get a chance? I haven’t received it yet. Thank you so much!

  9. I haven’t received the email with the price list yet..

  10. Got the price chart but doesn’t have a lot on it that I wanna buy and I need the prices so I can budget is there a different price chart

  11. Terasa Scott says:

    I cannot seem to receive the chart.

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