Simple & Frugal Tuna Noodle Salad



[su_spacer size="30"] Over  seven years ago I shared on the blog (then called The Coupon “High”) how I made this yummy Tuna Noodle Salad for under a buck using coupons.  Well if you aren’t a coupon user  (or on a temporary coupon hiatius like me), this is still a very frugal meal – especially since you can pick up everything you will need at Aldi.

It’s slightly more expensive then a buck, but still a great deal considering how simple and fast it is to put together.  It’s definitely cheaper than take out and can all be put together in the time it takes you to pick up that take out.



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Here’s what you will need from Aldi.
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  • 1 lb Pasta Noodles – 72 cents. I used half of a 2 lb elbow macaroni box I picked up at Aldi for $1.45.  You could also use rotini noodles.
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  • 10 oz Frozen Peas – 48 cents or half the bag that cost 95¢ at Aldi.
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  • 3 cans Tuna Fish in water $1.95 since each can is 65 cents each at Aldi.  This is one item on the list you will definitely want to check the grocery store ads for since the name brand tuna fishes often go on sale for 50 – 59 cents.
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  • 1 Cucumber 33 cents.  When I originally made this 7 years ago I only used 1/2 of a cucumber, but since the kids have grown, I used a whole cucumber this time.  No worries though on cost since a 3 pack of cucumbers sells for 99 cents making my whole cucumber cost 33¢.  This was what I paid for 1/2 the cucumber seven years ago.
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  • 4 spoonfuls of Miracle Whip – 38 cents.  A jar of the Aldi brand of Miracle Whip or Whipped Dressing is only $1.89 and I only used about 1/5 of the bottle.
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  • Lawry’s Seasoning Salt – $0.05.  This is the one item I did not buy at Aldi.  I’ve had it in my stockpile for a long time so I used it even though it technically is one of the most expensive items in the grocery store.   If you do need seasoning salt, here’s a great recipe or you can pick up a 16 oz bottle at Aldi for $1.49.
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That made the total cost $3.91 and fed 6 people.  So at around 65 cents a person, it’s definitely a great deal and yummy too.
[su_spacer size="30"] **Want to know more Aldi’s prices, you can get a list with over 300 items here.**
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So Frugal and Simple too.  Here’s the directions.
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  1. Cook the Noodles
  2. While the noodles cook, warm the peas in the microwave for 2 minutes and dice the cucumbers
  3. Once noodles are done, drain and put in a bowl
  4. Mix in ingredients
  5. Stir in enough Miracle Whip to coat everything
  6. Stir in Lawry’s Seasoning Salt for taste.

That’s it dinner is ready!




Over the years this has definitely become a favorite.  I often have kiddos fighting over who gets the last bite.

So when you need a quick meal, instead of ordering out save a lot of money and make this Super Simple and frugal Tuna Salad.

Just in case you need a refresher, you can get the printable version of the recipe here.
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For more frugal and simple meals be sure to check out Stockpile Meals and Crockpot Tuesday meals.

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  1. Though I was always a couponer, I really was much on the stockpile concept until close to a year ago…once I started stock piling I noticed a HUGE savings. Posts like this help remind us because I seldom think about what that night's meal actually cost. Thanks for the post. I think you should start a series on how to keep it all organized and have people share how they keep it. I need ideas because right now I have stuff in every nook and cranny!

  2. kkaye76 says:

    My sweetie loves tuna salad like that.. We also put celery, onions, and black olives in our.. and I have to make a HUGE bowl of it cuz he & his kiddies will eat it for days on end.. They think its better the next day but that doesnt stop them from eating it immediately either. 😉
    Thanks for sharing the post & recipe!

  3. cjsinlv says:

    I do a similar mix with macaroni and cheese and green onions to top it off, haven't tried the olives and cucumbers and celery, The next day is better.


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