Crockpot Tuesday – Teriyaki Chicken

This week I decided to take a risk with my meal and try something different. I have quite a few Ken’s and Lawry’s marinades in my stockpile that I got for free. I realize that I am not a person who thinks far enough ahead to marinade and have time to grill later. So I decided to use it in my crockpot and make Teriyaki Chicken.

Like I have done in past Crockpot Tuesday recipes, I put the chicken in the crockpot frozen.

I then poured about 2/3 of the bottle over the chicken and added about 1/2 cup of water, I decided to add the water to dilute the salt in the marinade a bit. Originally, I was planning on adding a can of pineapple to make this a true Teriyaki Chicken. However, I had no pineapple in my stockpile.

Here’s how it looked after I cooked it on high for 5 hours. It was nice and tender and had a lot of flavoring. I knew I liked it, but I got the highest compliment from my husband who said it was delicious, and he normally doesn’t like chicken.

To complete the meal I added Knorr Chicken Fried Rice that I bought for about 25 cents a bag. I also added 2 boxes of Green Giant vegetables that cost 50 cents each.

My final cost for this delicious meal for 6 was $4.65. Not only did my husband and I enjoy it, but my kids also gobbled it down, and I had no leftovers.

Chicken Breast – Bought 3 lb pack here for $4.72 and used 2 pounds = $3.15
Teriyaki Sauce – Free
Rice – 50 cents
Vegetables – $1.00

I have definitely found a way to use all the free marinade I have.

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  1. Lisa@BlessedwithGrace says:

    I love easy and yummy. Thanks for the great crock pot idea. Also good to know about the Lipton rice. I will have to keep this in mind. Thanks for participating in TMTT.

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