“Redeem(able) At” Question Answered

There’s been some concern regarding coupons that say Redeem At or Redeemable at.`  Apparently some stores (including Giant Eagle) have not been accepting them.`  One example of this is the reset Kraft Singles Cheese Printable and other Reset Kraft coupons that say Redeemable at Walmart.

Well, I have some clarification for you thanks to an email that TCH reader Tina sent to

Here’s her question to customer service:

My local store wouldn’t take it, they claim ‘REDEEM AT WAL-MART’ means it’s a Wal-Mart coupon. I need something that specifically mentions the REDEEM AT, not the redeemable at that you all keep mentioning to people. I want to show them that this isn’t a dang Wal-Mart coupon. And, I couldn’t go to any like that’s on the other page, because I don’t have a log on? Do I have to have a log on to read articles? Help please. Thank you.

And this was Coupons.Com reply.

Hi Tina,
Thanks for contacting Customer Support. All of our coupons are manufacturer coupons and should be able to be redeemed at any retailer who accepts manufacturer coupons. A problem can sometimes results when the words “Redeemable At” appear on a coupon, however, that is only a manufacturer suggestion about where the coupon can be redeemed, meaning the article or product is typically found at that store.

Most stores have online coupon policies that outline the print at home coupons they will accept and what conditions must be met in order for them to do so. We suggest checking online for your retailer’s online coupon acceptance policy, print it off and take it along with you if you anticipate having problems redeeming the coupons.

All of our coupons can be verified at as to authenticity.
I hope this information helps answer your question.
Customer Support, Incorporated

If your store has been one to deny coupons such as these, you definitely should print out this reply and take it with you next time.`  It’s proof that the Redeem At coupons are DEFINITELY Manufacturer coupon and are redeemable ANYwhere..

Thanks again Tina for sharing this great information over on The Coupon “High” Giant Eagle Facebook Group.

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