Coconut Oil vs. Antibiotic Diaper Rash | Our 10 Day Test




Having a sick baby is hard right?

Well, adding a diaper rash on top of it due to an antibiotic is just like a slap on the face.  Fortunately, I have a great tip that will help.

I know because it worked wonders in our house, and made both mama and baby happy.

Why I Tried It

Several weeks ago I took my little one to the doctor for what I thought was an ear infection.  It was so bad that the doctor actually said, “Whoa” upon looking in her ears.  This was definitely not a wait and see if it goes away by itself ear infection.  An antibiotic was necessary.

For me, the thought of putting my little one on an antibiotic causes a big cringe.  It’s not because giving my 2 year old the medicine is difficult.  She actually takes the medicine quite well.  No, the problem is the diaper rash it inevitably causes her.  This isn’t just a run of the mill diaper rash.  It’s the bleeding yeast infection rash that causes my dear little girl a great deal of pain and comes even when I make sure to let the diaper area dry between changes and liberally coat the entire area with a diaper cream.

Most times during and after a dose of antibiotics, we end up having to turn to Lotrimen Foot Fungal Cream.  Not only is this stuff not cheap, but I hate putting foot fungus medicine on such a delicate area in a little one.  Plus it must sting my daughter because she screams while it gets put on.  Definitely not fun and it makes me about cry.

I’ve been implementing coconut oil into many recipes for the health benefits and had read that it could also cure fungal infections — such as a yeast infection in the diaper area.  So before the first dose on antibiotic hit my little one I had put coconut oil all over the diaper area and began our ten day test.

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  1. After reading this post, I wanted to mention how coconut oil has helped me! I suffer from Rosacea, and expensive skin care products and prescriptions were not making a bit of difference to the appearance of my skin. After reading a post from a woman who said she used coconut oil as facial moisturizer, and that it helped clear up some of her acne, I thought I would give it a try. The coconut oil works, and has improved the look of my skin. Now my skin isn’t perfect, but I can see a big difference. I just apply the tiniest amount to my face immediately after my shower. Definitely a frugal moisturizer! Thanks for you website!

    • Thanks for sharing your tip and so glad it’s working for you. I’m loving Coconut Oil. Who knew it could be used for so much.

      I’m trying it right now on my 10 years old. She has some red spots on her nose (not pimples) We had tried an antibiotic cream and it didn’t work so giving coconut oil a try. Worth a shot,

  2. Poor baby! I am so happy that this worked for her! We have used coconut oil for years and buy a 5 gal bucket to share with a friend every January to use throughout the year. I wanted to share that after the course of the antibiotics, give your baby a powdered children’s probiotic in her bottle or cup (Renew Life brand is great) for at least as long as she took the antibiotic. This will put all of the beneficial bacteria back into her belly to crowd out the yeast that inevitably grows when an antibiotic wipes out all of her “good guys” in order to kill the bad guys. Probiotics have worked miracles with my kids. Hope that helps along with the coconut oil!:)

    • Thanks Jill for the tip. Amazingly her stooles are back to normal the next day after the antibiotic is finished. With her older brother, I did use the probiotics because his stomach didn’t get back to normal for weeks after antibiotics. Fortunately he didn’t suffer the rash like her.

  3. With my 3rd baby (now 3 mo old) I’ve been making my own baby wipes using coconut oil. He was raw in places the first couple weeks of life due to the harsh chemicals even in the “sensitive” store bought wipes and after 24 hrs of the homemade ones, he was completely healed! Super cost effective too!

  4. Cheyanne says:

    Apple cider vinegar is also AWESOME for fungus. I used it to cure my cat of ringworm. I recommended a friend use it on her nipples after nursing as her and her son kept getting thrush even after using the dr prescribed antibiotics. She hasn’t had any problems since starting to use it. She just wipes a 50/50 dilution mix on before Bfing and let’s it air dry. No more thrush!

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