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Coconut Oil vs. Antibiotic Diaper Rash Results

We have finished the antibiotics and I am happy to say we didn’t have to buy the Lotrimen!  There was no screaming or squeezing together of knees while diapers where changed over the week and a half either.  The Coconut Oil worked!

From days 1 to 3 I was strictly letting the diaper area dry and liberally applying just coconut oil before closing up the diaper.  So I didn’t get my cooking oil contaminated, I had scooped out some into a separate container that was kept at the diaper changing station.

At about day 3 of the antibiotics, a small rash did start.  I realized that the coconut oil was not providing any shielding action from the irritants caused by the antibiotic.  That’s because it was soaking into her skin so well.  So I added an additional step.


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