Clean Mold Out of Your Fridge, Without Getting Sick



Do you keep your leftovers?  Ever forget they are in there and they turn to mold?

Unfortunately, this happens more often then I would like in our house.

When it does, I dread cleaning it out because I am very allergic to mold and it seems to fly everywhere when I rinse the pot.  In fact, the last time I did it, the next day my nose was running like a faucet and I started coughing.  That would be the last time ever that would happen though.

Not because I can guarantee I’ll never have a moldy dish in the refrigerator again, but because I found a great trick to clean the dish and keep the mold spores from flying everywhere.

Just check out the video below.


I was able to clean the whole dish without breathing in a single spore of mold.  So not only is it not in the fridge anymore, but it didn’t fly in the air thanks to semi-repurposing the dishsoap.

You can find more great repurposing ideas here.


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