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July is here and that means Cherries are in season in Pennsylvania.`  That also means you will probably find some great deals on Cherries this month.

Cherries Nutrition Facts

One cup of Fresh Red Sweet Cherries will give women 14% of the Daily Recommended Allowance of Vitamin C. ` That’s about 11 milligrams per 100 grams of fruit in Sweet Cherries. ` Sour Cherries offer more Vitamin C. ` All Cherries ` offer you Vitamin A, Potassium and a moderate amount of Fiber.`  The one thing that I found surprising was they also contain a moderate amount of protein.`  I don’t usually think of fruits having protein, but I won’t complain. `  Finally, dark colored cherries are high in antioxidants.

Cooking Cherries does reduce the amount of Vitamin C you receive

Picking Your Cherries

There are over 900 varieities of sweet cherries and 300 types of sour cherries sold in the world. ` Here are some tips to help you pick the best cherry for you.

Color — Brightly colored ranging fromPale golden yellow to deep red to almost black depending on variety.`  Also look for glossy looking cherries
Texture — Plump and firm
Stems — Look for Cherries with stems intact. `  The stems should be Green and easily bendable.`  They should snap back when released

Storing Cherries

  1. Keep fruit ` in a bag in the refrigerator where it’s cold and humid.
  2. Wash right before using.
  3. Use quickly because they are very perishable

Pitting Your Cherries without a Cherry Pitter

I love Cherries, but have refused to buy an official cherry pitter.`  Maybe it’s because I only buy them when they are on sale, which isn’t very often.`  Here are two ways to remove the pits without a Cherry Pitter.

Needle Nose Pliers — break through the flesh, grasp the pit with the point of the pliers and pull it out.

Drinking Straw — Insert the straw into the bottom and push the pit out through the stem end.`  The one word of caution on this method is you will loose some of the fruit.

Solving a Cherry Problem

If you bought a bland bunch of cherries, instead of tossing them, try this trick.`  Marinate them overnight in berry juice.

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