Check your Email for Giant Eagle Coupons

If you have a Giant Eagle account you definitely will want to check your emails.  They just sent out September Rewards that are personalized to you totaling over $10 in savings.

Here are my offers for September:



I need to give Kim P  big thanks for mentioning this over on the TCH Giant Eagle Facebook Group.  I have my Giant Eagle account under an email I don’t check very regularly so I’ve been missing these.  Looks like they send them out monthly.

Since these deals are added to your GE Card, I have a feeling they won’t be able to stack with manufacturer coupons, but how can I complain about a totally Free Pudding Pack.  I know I’ll definitely be checking this email account more often in the future.

Find more great Giant Eagle deals here, including the matchups for the week.

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  1. I like getting the coupons by email but for the pass few months (Aug and Sept) I have not received them. My mom got hers both month so what happened to mine and my GE app works fine, l am always longed in checking out things and I check my email all the time.

    • I did notice that before we moved (in May) that my Giant Eagle coupons weren’t coming anymore. Perhaps they only send them so long after you sign up. Since there is no Giant Eagle where we moved to I haven’t followed up on it.

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