Worth the Splurge | Merrell Hiking Shoes for the Family

This summer my family has been experiencing something new.  It’s Hiking and it all started with our Road Trip to Yellowstone.  While hiking itself is a very frugal activity (in most cases free), we did splurge on something before our trip to assist us in our hikes. That … [Read more...]

Worth the Splurge–Doctor Copays

We have been blessed this year and have had very few trips to the doctors.   I really do credit essential oils and older kids growing immunities with this.  However, about a month ago I noticed a suspicious mole on my daughter’s shoulder.   Even though we don’t have a history of … [Read more...]

Worth the Splurge for Me | Plastic Baggies

  Although I'm a frugal minded mom, somethings are definitely worth a splurge.   In my opinion being willing to splurge on somethings can mean the difference between being frugal or cheap. Today’s worth the splurge item is Plastic Baggies.  Now I know almost everybody … [Read more...]