Perfect Tool to Save Your Time and Sanity

I've got a question for you. How often do find yourself looking for things - specifically your keys or cell phone? Is it at least once a week or maybe even more? I am definitely in the more category.  While I try to put my keys on the key rack and my phone in the same spot, it … [Read more...]

Road Trips to National Parks | Definitely Worth the Splurge

    On August 25th, it will be the National Park's Service 101st Birthday.  To celebrate they are offering Free admission to all National Parks.  So if you are looking for an outing or trip this Summer, the National Parks are a great option.  There are more than … [Read more...]

7 Reasons To Take The Whole Family On A Cruise

    Looking for a great family vacation idea?  You should definitely consider taking a cruise. We just got back from our first cruise ever and everyone in the family - from grandparents, to mom and dad, to the teens and tweens and even the 4 year old had an … [Read more...]

A Worth the Splurge to Help Your Child Succeed in School

  Does your child struggle at school?  If yes, you definitely want to continue reading. Had I seen something like this years ago, I truly belief a lot of grief & struggle, not to mention yelling and tears could have been avoided in our house over the years. Before … [Read more...]

Worth the Splurge | A New Pressure Cooker

I have a new toy in my kitchen.  It’s something I have been debating getting for several years now, and let me tell you I’m glad I finally took the splurge.  It’s a electric pressure cooker,and I have been having so much fun trying out new recipes in it. Two things got me to … [Read more...]