Fun & Frugal Finds at Aldi

Aldi is a pretty frugal place to shop, but finding extra markdowns in the form of Managers Specials or Price Reductions are so fun.  I also get really happy when I find new items there that are a much better price than Giant Eagle. Here are the fun finds I found … [Read more...]

Weekly Grocery Savings | Giant Eagle & Aldi

I've mentioned it before, but I do NOT do all my grocery shopping at Giant Eagle.  That just wouldn't be frugal at all.  In many cases their prices are much higher than other stores, but it's worth shopping there for the great coupon deals.  I do most of my other grocery shopping … [Read more...]

Price Drops at Aldi

Seems like prices of groceries have been on the rise, so I was very excited to see the opposite on some items today at Aldi. Here are the two deals great price drop deals I found today: Round Tortilla Chips were $1.19, NOW Just $0.79 Animal Crackers  were $1.49, Now $1.19 … [Read more...]

FREE Aldi Price Chart | Should you Use a Coupon or Go To Aldi

A great place to shop and save money is Aldi, but is it always the best deal?  The answer is not necessarily, especially if you combine a sale with a coupon.  So how do you decide if you should use a coupon or just go to Aldi. That answer to that is a Free Aldi Price Chart.  … [Read more...]

Aldi | A Great Way to Save Even More

Shopping at Aldi can definitely help you save big.  Aldi Truth # 10  promises impressively high quality and impossibly low prices and that is very true.  It’s why a pick up my dozen Aldi staples. Number one on my Aldis Staple list is their weekly produce deals, … [Read more...]